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The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles prioritizes the development of our community’s future leaders. We invest highly in programs and opportunities for students to reach their leadership potential and learn how to promote their own causes. A great opportunity for students to learn how to lead, build relationships, and make a difference is through The Campus Impact Network.

The Federation’s Campus Impact Network was created to combat the constant marginalization of Jewish students through BDS and similar movements.

Campus Impact Network (CIN)
The Campus Impact Network, sponsored by The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, brings LA Jewish student leaders to the forefront of campus issues. Students participate in an elite training through a retreat, learning how to build cohesive coalitions on campus that help advocate for their own cause. The two types of retreats that CIN offer include:

Social Justice: Relationships Matter – LA students who seek to make a difference for a cause that they are passionate about, either through a club leadership position or on their own, can receive up to $1,500 in funding to implement a project or program on their campus. This retreat provides students with the tools and knowledge on how to build strategic and authentic relationships on their campus, allowing them to become an agent of change. Contact Jonathan Grunin at for more information on how to make a difference.

Political Empowerment: Influence on the Highest Level – Students who seek to become more involved in their student governments or build strong grass roots relationships will benefit the most from this retreat. They will learn how their involvement in a campus political campaign will be vital for its success. Explore how to start a campaign and run for student office, or how to impact an existing one and what benefits there are and becoming involved in representation on the highest level. The Campus Impact Network will work with students to minimize the barriers to entry they may face when becoming further involved with student government. Contact Jonathan Grunin at for more information about this opportunity.

Campus Impact Network Retreats are available to Jewish students who currently reside in, or are originally from, the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Parent Tool Kit
Write an introductory letter or email you can send to the President/Chancellor of the school your child attends. By sending this letter you can establish a connection and credibility with the school’s administration in a proactive way.
How to best respond if your child experiences any harassment, discrimination, or anti-Semitism on campus.


The Campus Impact Network was established by a Cutting Edge Grant from The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.