Affordability and Access to Jewish Life

Living an engaged Jewish life can be expensive. There are dues for synagogue membership, fees for preschool, and tuition for religious school. Those who want to enrich their child’s education with overnight camp and service/learning trips to Israel absorb even higher costs. WithAccess and Affordabilityyour support and The Jewish Federation’s network of partnerships, we assist families financially and provide them the access they deserve to a vibrant Jewish life — ensuring a future in which faith is central to the lives of all Jews, regardless of financial ability.

Financial Aid for Students
The Federation supports formal Jewish education in Los Angeles through financial aid grants to families and schools that benefit nearly 10,000 students annually. Applications for assistance are made through the schools’ own financial aid system. All Jewish day schools that are accredited by WASC or CAIS and by the BJE participate in this program, which makes $1.6 million available for assistance every year.

For more information about finding the Jewish school that is right for your family, call (323) 761-8616.

Financial Aid for Trips to Israel
Because our ties to Israel are critical to the continuity of the Jewish people, the Federation offers a host of ways for young people, from high school to college and beyond, to get the financial aid they need to make the dream of a trip to the Jewish state a reality. For more information, contact us at

Every year The Federation helps hundreds of kids experience the great outdoors through Jewish summer camps. Jewish youngsters get to experience the fun of a traditional summer camp while learning about Jewish culture and exploring and strengthening their own Jewish identities. Our goal is to provide first-time campers with an unforgettable and transforming summer.

The Jewish Federation, in partnership with the Foundation for Jewish Camp, The Federation provides grants of up to $1,250 for first-time campers residing in the Greater Los Angeles area.

If you are interested in receiving a grant or learning more, please contact us at or call (323)-761-8320

Find out more about the Foundation for Jewish Camp at

Birthright Israel
The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles is a major funder of Birthright Israel. Created in 2000, Birthright Israel gives Diaspora Jewry ages 18 to 26 the chance to experience Israel on a free 10-day trip. The program is based on the belief that it is every Jewish person’s birthright to visit Israel. Birthright connects Jewish communities with Israel and provides young people with an opportunity to explore and strengthen their Jewish identity. The Jewish Federation strongly supports Birthright Israel and has created LA Way trips for young Angelenos between the ages of 22 and 26.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles also offers follow-up programming right here in Los Angeles. LA Way participants have the opportunity to stay connected to each other and to the greater Los Angeles Jewish community through a growing number of initiatives.

For more information, contact Sarah Austin at (323)761-8214 or

The Jewish Federation Parent & Me Voucher Program
The Jewish Federation has created a pilot program, run by BJE, utilizing vouchers as a means for helping Jewish families with young children begin their Jewish journey. This program will provide vouchers for Jewish families enrolling for the first time in a Parent & Me program in the West San Fernando Valley or Conejo Valley. The participating programs are sponsored by: Temple Aliyah (Woodland Hills), Etz Chaim (Thousand Oaks), Kol Tikvah (Woodland Hills), Shomrei Torah (West Hills), and Adat Elohim (Thousand Oaks).
To learn more or apply for a voucher, click here or contact the BJE at (323) 761-8605.