Centennial Endowment Fund

In 2011, the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles celebrated its 100th anniversary. To mark this historic milestone, we have launched the Centennial Endowment Fund. The fund welcomes gifts of one million dollars and more and is an effort to ensure that our community is in good hands for the next 100 years and beyond.

Centennial Endowment

Every act of generosity has the power to uplift the community. When you endow your gift, your good intentions are multiplied because, like a seed, an endowment has the power to grow. Once the seed is planted, an endowment takes on a life of its own, creating a legacy with the power to touch the lives of those you want to help in perpetuity. That means that when your work is done, your gift will live on forever.

We invite you to join the leaders of our community in celebrating a century of tzedakah by making a bold new investment for our Jewish future through the Centennial Endowment Fund.

Make a Lasting Difference through the Endowment Fund

Your endowment gift will support the Federation’s Annual Campaign in perpetuity, ensuring our Jewish future and galvanizing the Jewish community:

  • Sustaining a strong connection to the people of Israel
  • Strengthening Jewish identity through education
  • Developing future leaders of our community
  • Strengthening relationships with the diverse communities of Los Angeles
  • Serving the vulnerable

Recognition for your endowed gift will take many forms, including an inscription in a place of honor at the Federation Goldsmith Center at 6505 Wilshire, prominent listings in Federation publications and commemorative materials, and on our website – www.JewishLA.org, as well as special acknowledgement at Federation events. The recognition of your most generous legacy gift will honor your family, set an inspiring example for the community, and make a lasting difference for those you wish to help.

Centennial Endowment Fund Options

Irrevocable Estate Pledge
An irrevocable provision in a will or living trust which names The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles Endowment Fund as a beneficiary.

Life Income Plans
Life income plans allow you to make a donation of cash or assets and receive an income for your lifetime. Each type of plan has unique benefits and is more or less appropriate depending on the assets you are considering using to fund the gift. Call to discuss if a charitable gift that pays you income makes sense for your situation.

Life Insurance
By naming The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles as the beneficiary of the policy, the funds of this policy would be held by The Jewish Federation of the Greater Los Angeles Endowment Fund.

Outright Cash or Securities
Naturally, your financial advisor can help you decide which one is the best choice for your family, but please feel free to contact Betsy Berger at (323) 761-8216 or BBerger@JewishLA.org.

Centennial Endowment Fund Chairs
Ada Horwich and Mike Koss

For more information about how you can endow your gift to The Jewish Federation, contact Betsy Berger at (323) 761-8216 or BBerger@JewishLA.org.