Frail Seniors and Holocaust Survivors

Securing basic amenities such as affordable housing, medicine, and food can be a serious concern for thousands of frail Jewish seniors and Holocaust survivors. In Los Angeles, the Federation partners with multiple programs to help meet their needs and help them age in place so that they can maintain independent and fulfilling lives.

Frail Seniors

  • Senior Centers - Located throughout the greater Los Angeles area, these centers offer resources and social services to seniors. The centers provide a range of onsite and in-home care services designed to increase quality of life.
  • Congregate Meal Sites - On-site Kosher meals are provided five days a week, with home delivery available the rest of the week and for homebound seniors.
  • Protective Services Program - A court-supervised guardian or conservator is provided for seniors who are no longer able to take care of their daily needs or finances.

Holocaust Survivors

  • Bet Tzedek – Provides legal aid in obtaining reparations and assistance with other legal issues such as housing, consumer fraud, and elder abuse.
  • Café Europa and Café Shalom - Socialization programs offer Holocaust survivors a comfortable space to engage in conversation, develop supportive relationships, and partake in social and educational activities.
  • In-home care for aging Holocaust survivors - Coordinated through JFS, this service allows seniors to receive necessary assistance while remaining in their homes.