Giving to the Federation

Thanks to the generosity of the community, The Jewish Federation raises millions of dollars each year. The funds raised provide humanitarian relief, educational exchanges and social services for communities in Los Angeles and around the world.

Funding and Responsibility

In order to maximize the services delivered through our programs and partnerships, the Federation is committed to fiscal responsibility. We value each and every dollar raised, use the chart below to see how your support uplifts the community.

Jewish Federation Funding Chart

The American Institute of Philanthropy ( states that “$35 or less to raise $100 is reasonable for most charities.” According to the Urban Institute, Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy at Indiana University, the average amount spent on fundraising in the nonprofit human services sector is 17%. They also indicate that 15% of organizations fitting this description spend more than 35% on fundraising costs. The Federation proudly exceeds both standards.