Emerging from Poverty toward Self-Sufficiency

One of the priorities of The Federation’s Caring for Jews in Need strategic initiative is to support members of the Jewish community who are emerging from poverty toward self-sufficiency. The Jewish Federation partners with a number of programs addressing poverty, food insecurity, unemployment, and housing instability.

Social Services/Case Management

Individuals and families who have fallen on hard times often require assistance in multiple areas. Through these programs, clients can receive assistance in learning about and accessing (safety net) services and resources to improve their quality of life.  

  • The Ezra Network - Provides assistance in the comfort and privacy of one of the Federation’s partnering synagogues. Individuals and families can receive help from social workers, legal counselors, and job counselors during challenging times.
  • Central Access - A one-stop connection for social service information, referrals and community and government resources. For more information, call: (877) 275-4537.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance NetworkTogether with our community partners we support a network of financial assistance programs that assists Los Angeles Jewish individuals and families who are in financial crises: 

  • Jewish Crisis Fund – Grants in conjunction with case management for Jewish individuals and families experiencing a financial crisis.
  • Community Tzedakah Fund - One-time emergency financial assistance to Jewish individuals and families experiencing an unexpected catastrophic event.
  • Emergency Grants/Chai Lifeline - Emergency grants for basic needs for families with children or teenagers suffering from a serious illness or chronic medical condition.
  • Need-based scholarships  – Need-based scholarships for Jewish undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Interest free loans  - For Jews in Los Angeles who are facing hard times
  • Burial assistance – This service is provided for members of the Jewish community unable to afford burial costs.

Food Assistance

The Federation supports nutrition programs and local food pantries that are helping to end hunger while empowering individuals and families to eat healthy and meet their kosher needs.


Individuals can receive professional advice, education and training, and connections needed to find their next career opportunity. 

  • Job Link  – Assists unemployed and underemployed community members in securing suitable employment.
  • Job Search Counseling – Provides personalized job-related counseling, coaching, networking and mentoring.