Caring for Jews in Need

If we don’t take care of our community who will?

Because we believe it is our responsibility, the Federation leverages the strength of our community to provide aid for Jews in need. Our work includes seeing to the daily necessities of those in need, connecting people to the skills and services necessary to be self-sufficient, and ensuring all Jews have their needs met and can participate in Jewish life.

The Federation is able to care for our own community by working with partners in Los Angeles, Israel, and over 70 countries around the world. The Caring for Jews in Need strategic initiative is committed to creating a social service safety net for Jews who are:

  • Frail Seniors and Holocaust Survivors - Those who are experiencing financial,  psychosocial, and/or physical  conditions and need tools to help them live a comfortable life and age in place with dignity
  • Living with Disabilities and Special Needs – Those with developmental and other disabilities who need greater access to quality services and programs that enhance daily living and inclusion in the Jewish community
  • Living in Crisis – Those who are experiencing a crisis (e.g., domestic violence, addiction, divorce, etc.) and need tools to build resiliency