Our Work

Jews in Los Angeles are a diverse community, united by a common vision of a vibrant Jewish life.

As the hub of the community, the Federation works to create a presence that meets needs and inspires lives – and leads directly to the future we wish for our children’s children. Leveraging the generosity of our donors, our strategic expertise and the talents of our partners in Los Angeles, in Israel and internationally, we focus on three areas: Caring for Jews in Need, Ensuring the Jewish Future, and Engaging in our Community.

Caring for Jews in Need

The Federation helps those in need in Los Angeles, Israel and around the world. We care for the elderly, help the poor and provide opportunities for society's most vulnerable.
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Ensuring the Jewish Future

Because the future depends on the present, the Federation provides Jews of all ages with the opportunities to strengthen identity, engage in the rich tapestry of Jewish life, and connect with Israel.
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Engaging in our Community

As an organization, we fulfill the mandate of Tikkun Olam – the repair of the world – for Jews and non-Jews alike. We leverage the strength of the community to work for the greater good in Los Angeles, and do for those who cannot do for themselves.
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