From LA to Tel Aviv

 Max Levin participated in our Twinning program 10 years ago with De Toledo High School and Tichon Hadash in Tel Aviv. The Twinning program impacted his life in many ways. Today, he is a Junior at Columbia University and will be interning at J.P. Morgan this summer. Read more to learn how Twinning changed his life. Max — todah rabah for your service!

Birthright Israel LA Way: Corey and Chelsea

Birthright Israel LA Way is more than a free trip — it’s finding a sense of community in L.A., Israel, and within yourself. Our LA Way participants know that when they come back from their life-changing trips, the fun, friendships, and connections don’t stop at Ben Gurion! Chelsea and Corey traveled with us on Birthright Israel LA Way a few years ago — and the rest is history! Check out our interview with Chelsea and Corey below!

Inside Jewish Morocco

I initially heard about JDC from one of my Birthright leaders a little over a year ago. When JDC came up again during the Kahn Fellowship I’m part of through the Federation, I decided to do some research on the organization since I had no idea what it was all about. When I learned about the organization’s history and all of the work JDC does for Jews around the world, I knew I wanted to get involved. I chose the Morocco trip because I’ve always been captivated by the culture and wanted to experience a trip that would be completely different from my every day and my recent trip to Israel. Also, my boyfriend Moses is of Moroccan heritage, and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to visit his home country together. He and I thought it would be meaningful to take an educational trip together — especially one that was close to both of our hearts.

Our Exodus Story

More Jews will gather together tonight than on any other night of the year to retell our ancient and increasingly more relevant Exodus story. Pesach…
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Learning About Gentrification in L.A. Through NLP

Shira Fine brings a decade of strategic communications experience to her clients at SKDKnickerbocker, where she helped launch the L.A. office. She manages several California public affairs and corporate clients and serves as Chief of Staff. Shira advises top corporations, technology companies, non-profits, and many high-profile individuals. She is a current participant in the Rautenberg New Leaders Project (NLP) at The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.

Heart to Heart with
Heidi Monkarsh

Heidi Monkarsh recently traveled to Israel on The Jewish Federations of North America’s “Heart to Heart: Empowering, Exhilarating, Extraordinary” mission with National Women’s Philanthropy. Heidi was among the eight women from our Los Angeles community who joined other dedicated women from across the U.S. on an inspiring and emotional tour of the Jewish state. Check out Heidi’s reflections below.

Birthright Israel LA Way

Birthright Israel LA Way is more than a free trip — it’s finding a sense of community in L.A., Israel, and within yourself. Our LA…
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Thoughts on My Way to Israel

I’m writing to you on my way to Israel, where I’ll meet with our partners and look at how we can make an even greater impact on Israel’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Chailight on our Chai Chair

Inspired by close friends and leaders of our community, Lesley Wolman has been a part of the Federation for many years serving in various Sylvia Weisz Women’s Philanthropy roles. Her commitment to Jews in L.A. and around the world as a 2018 Chai Committee Co-Chair is especially inspiring and impactful. Her work is in preparation for our annual Chai/Emerald/Zahav, Ruby and Lion of Judah Luncheon that celebrates women in Los Angeles who have gone above and beyond to support our community and the work of our Federation.