Together, we have impacted lives this year. From a 100-year-old Holocaust survivor in Valley Village to a family in Conejo Valley who found support after losing their home in a wildfire. We’ve also provided Jewish books to children, meaningful work to young adults with special needs, and helped a teenager in Be’er Sheva fulfill their college dreams. Your gift makes this vibrant Jewish community possible. Happy New Year!

Graduation Remarks from NLP Alum Noah Berkowitz

Graduate from NLP Alum Noah Berkowitz shares his experience and advice for the 2018 class. He emphasizes the importance of saying yes to new opportunities and getting involved in the community. As an NLP alumnus, Noah has witnessed the impact of NLP and the Federation in various ways, including community service and political engagement. For more information on NLP, email or visit

Infinite Light 2018: 10 Days, 20 Neighborhoods, 40 Events

Infinite Light 2018: Discover 40 unique Hanukkah experiences across Los Angeles in this 10-day festival for young adults. From culinary feasts to art workshops, explore the diversity of Jewish traditions and connect with the vibrant community. Don’t miss the custom-designed web platform at for year-round excitement. Email to learn more about Federation’s NuRoots.

Getting to Know Infinite Light Co-Creators & Hosts – Meet Tally!

Get to know Tally, a NuRoots community member and co-creator of the Infinite Light experience. Discover her favorite L.A. spots, her love for Jewish culture and tradition, and her Hanukkah rituals. Find out how she got involved with NuRoots and why she believes in providing immersive experiences. Email to learn more.

My Experience on Onward Israel

Experience the amazing opportunity of Onward Israel, an eight-week internship program in Israel. Gain valuable professional experience, make new friends, and explore contemporary Israel. Join the program and live in the heart of Tel Aviv for personal growth and career development. Applications for Summer 2019 are now open, apply today!

Meet Marisa Glucoft of NLP!

Meet Marisa Glucoft, a current participant in the Rautenberg New Leaders Project (NLP). As a millennial herself, Marisa discusses the challenges of homeownership for her generation in Los Angeles. She highlights the impact of student loan debt, delayed marriage, and credit invisibility on the ability to afford a home. Marisa emphasizes the importance of millennial engagement in elections to effect change in housing policy. Apply for NLP at or email

Meet Miriam & Ethan of
Infinite Light Vocal Cleanse Experience 2018

Meet Miriam and Ethan, two members of the NuRoots community who share their experience with the Infinite Light Vocal Cleanse at the Hanukkah celebration in Los Angeles. They discuss their favorite spots in the city, their Bar/Bat Mitzvah memories, and their connection to Jewish culture. Discover their insights and get involved with NuRoots by emailing

The Miracle of Light &
The Power of Community

The Miracle of Light & The Power of Community – Celebrate the miracle of light with your friends and family this week. In the face of recent tragedies, our community has come together to support one another. The Jewish Federation keeps Jewish Los Angeles safe and vibrant, serving as a pillar of strength during times of crisis. Support our community today. Happy Chanukah!

The Power of Stories and the 2018 Joint Teachers’ Seminar

Discover the transformative power of storytelling and the impact it has on our lives and communities. Learn about the Global Teen Twinning Program’s Joint Teachers’ Seminar, where educators explored the rich heritage and experiences of Sephardic Jews. Uncover the stories of resilience and survival during the Holocaust, and how these personal narratives shape our understanding of history. Visit for more information.

Coming Together as a Community

“Our Federation is deeply committed to the safety, security, and strength of Jewish Los Angeles. We have come together as a community to support one another in times of crisis. Read my op-ed in the Jewish Journal and listen to my podcast to understand our role. Your support has allowed us to quickly assist individuals, families, organizations, and more during these challenging times. We are grateful for your generosity.”

Leadership in Times of Crisis

Learn how our Federation responds to crises in the Jewish community. President & CEO Jay Sanderson recounts his experience and discusses the Federation’s role in convening partners and mobilizing resources. Tune in to the emergency podcast for an in-depth look at the Federation’s response. Support the L.A. Wildfire Relief Fund at

Social Services for Those Impacted by the Wildfires

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles is committed to supporting those impacted by the recent wildfires. The Ezra Network offers a range of services including counseling, legal assistance, and financial aid. For help, call our Emergency Hotline or visit The Jewish Federation for in-person support. Together, we can overcome this hardship and feel the power of community.

From Our Leadership

Support our community’s institutions and individuals affected by the local wildfires. The Jewish Federation has created a directed fund to give back to those organizations that have given us so much. 100% of your gift will go directly to those in need. Help rebuild our vibrant Jewish future. Together in strength.

We Are Here For You

In the midst of the wildfires affecting our community, our Federation is dedicated to assisting those impacted. Get information, services, or any needed assistance by calling our Emergency Hotline at (323) 761-8100. Our Federation stands with you during these challenging times. Shabbat Shalom.

$7 Million Raised Over Six Years at Federation’s Annual Tour De Summer Camps Community-Wide Cycling Fundraiser

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles raises $7 million over six years at the annual Tour de Summer Camps, a community-wide cycling fundraiser. The event provides scholarships for kids to attend Jewish summer camp and foster lifelong connections to Jewish identity. With over 500 participants, this year’s event raised over $1.23 million. Join us in supporting this important cause.

Fight Hate with Love — Stand in Solidarity and Donate

“Stand in solidarity and donate to support the victims of the tragedy at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Participate in the Solidarity Shabbat on November 2nd and 3rd, and donate to the Victims of Terror Fund. Together, we can heal, show unity, and make a positive impact on our community.”

We Stand with Pittsburgh

“Our hearts are broken by the tragedy at the Tree of Life synagogue. We stand with Pittsburgh and the Jewish community. Join us for the L.A. Vigil for Tree of Life tonight at 6:00 PM. Learn more about the National Solidarity Shabbat on November 3rd. Support the National Victims of Terror Fund. Together, we will heal and strengthen our community.”

Working Together to Strengthen Jewish Identity

“Working together to strengthen Jewish identity is essential. Join us as we ride for the Jewish future during our Tour de Summer Camps to help children in need and provide them with a life-changing camp experience. Listen to Jay’s 4 Questions podcast to hear inspiring conversations with Jewish leaders and share your thoughts on the greatest challenges facing the Jewish people.”

The Impact of the Federation’s Global Teen Twinning Program Through the Eyes of a Coordinator in the South Bay

The Global Teen Twinning Program’s 16th Joint Teachers Seminar (JTS) in Greece and Bulgaria brought together educators to expand their knowledge of Sephardic Jewry and strengthen program relationships. Through workshops and site visits, coordinators identified ways to apply this knowledge with future delegations. Learn more at

On My Way to Israel

Join us at The Jewish Federations of North America’s General Assembly (GA) in Israel to discuss and tackle the challenges facing our Jewish world today. This year’s theme is “We Need to Talk.” Let’s listen and learn from each other, exchange thoughts and ideas, and make our Jewish world stronger and more open.