How The Jewish Federation Provided Relief During the Pandemic in 2020

Discover how the Jewish Federation provided crucial relief during the 2020 pandemic. Through innovative measures and unwavering commitment, our Federation, alongside valued partners, protected and supported the Jewish community in unprecedented ways. With your vital support, we can continue our tireless efforts. Donate today and make a lasting impact.

Stand with Those Who Struggle to Stand on Their Own

Stand with our Jewish community as we face unprecedented challenges in 2020. Help those living in poverty and struggling with mental health issues. Your support is crucial as we strive to get our community healthy and whole in 2021. Stand with us and make a difference for those who struggle to stand on their own.

Serving The Moment at Shemesh Farms

Serve the Moment at Shemesh Farms offers young adults the chance to make an impact while staying true to Jewish values. Participants volunteer virtually and in person, gaining personal and professional growth. Shemesh Farms, part of the Shalom Institute, provides work experience for individuals with mental health issues and disabilities. Support their amazing enterprise and try their products!

Miracles, Heroes, Light and the Coleman

Discover the importance of diversity in the Jewish community through Mary Kohav’s inspiring story of growing up as a Persian Jew in Michigan. Explore the impact of untold stories and how they shape our understanding of the Jewish future. Join Mary on her journey as she shares her experiences and encourages us to cherish our own unique stories.

Gratitude During This
Time of Crisis

Expressing gratitude during this historic pandemic crisis, we reflect on the first Thanksgiving and the importance of community support. As Jews, we start each day with prayers of gratitude. On behalf of the vulnerable, we extend our deepest thanks for your thoughtful and generous response. Happy Thanksgiving from Jay Sanderson, President & CEO.

Our Federation’s Response to Jewish Young Adult Food Insecurity

Our Federation’s NuRoots is here to help if you or someone you know needs food. With Swipe Out Hunger, we’re addressing Jewish young adult food insecurity in Los Angeles. Get immediate access to gift cards for groceries and meal delivery, as well as long-term resources. Visit to learn more and sign up anonymously.

President & CEO Jay Sanderson Moderates JFNA GA Panel

President & CEO Jay Sanderson moderates a panel of Jewish leaders discussing the challenges of COVID-19 and the need for collaboration and innovation in creating a more inclusive Jewish community and a better future for all.

Rojean Kashanchi Takes Us on Her Jewish Journey

Rojean Kashanchi shares her Jewish journey and involvement with The Jewish Federation, from serving on the YALA board to participating in the Rautenberg New Leaders Project. Join her as she moderates a discussion on Black health disparities in L.A. on October 28th. Learn how the L.A. Jewish community can bridge different communities and make a difference in the world.

We Are Listening

We have listened and responded to questions about the pandemic, economic pressures, isolation, mental health challenges, and the health and welfare of our communal institutions. Our Community Security Initiative (CSI) works 24/7 with law enforcement to keep our community safe. Trust that our commitment to stand up against anti-Semitism and hate is unwavering.

Shofar Wave: The Sound of the New Year – from the City to the Valley to the Sea

Experience the powerful and timeless tradition of the Shofar Wave, as the Greater Los Angeles Jewish community comes together to welcome the New Year. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, synagogues across the city joined forces to create a remarkable display of unity and hope. Join us in celebrating 5781 and the strength of Jewish L.A.

Daniella Kahen Interviews Her Grandfather Mehdi Bobof for NuRoots’ Roots Radio

Daniella Kahen interviews her grandfather Mehdi Bobof for NuRoots’ Roots Radio, sharing his incredible journey from Iran to Israel to Los Angeles. Discover the importance of perseverance and hard work, as Mehdi’s story teaches us valuable lessons in navigating life’s challenges. Join NuRoots’ community-sourced podcast to hear more inspiring stories like Mehdi’s.

See the Community You Care About as Never Before

Discover the profound impact our Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles has on our community. Watch the emotional video to gain a deeper understanding of our world’s fragility and the care we provide to our seniors and beloved Holocaust survivors. Donate today to support life-affirming experiences for our Jewish future. Help us make a difference.

A Shana Tova Video Message from President & CEO Jay Sanderson

Shana Tova video message from President & CEO Jay Sanderson. Our Federation leads and cares for vulnerable Jewish L.A. during isolation. As the High Holidays approach, let’s focus on reflection, introspection, and community strengthening. Wishing you health, happiness, and safety. Stand with us and give today to support Jewish lives and organizations. Shana Tova from all of us.

Meeting The Moment: Young Adults Serve Vulnerable Across Los Angeles

Join Serve the Moment and make an impact during these unprecedented times. Our LA Summer cohort has concluded, but future cohorts are coming soon. Contact Chelsea at for more info and apply now! #ServeTheMoment #VolunteerOpportunity #YoungAdults #JewishCommunity #LA

Preparing for the High Holidays During a Pandemic

Discover how the Jewish community is creatively reimagining the upcoming High Holidays during the pandemic. Join Federation’s President & CEO Jay Sanderson and renowned Rabbis Sharon Brous, Pini Dunner, Dara Frimmer, and David Wolpe as they discuss transformative preparations for a stronger future together. Don’t miss this crucial conversation.

Listen In As Our President & CEO Jay Sanderson Outlines A Post Pandemic Jewish Future

Join President & CEO Jay Sanderson on the What Gives? podcast as he outlines a post-pandemic Jewish future. Discover how the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped the Los Angeles Jewish community and how Jay leads the Federation’s response with vision and purpose. Explore the evolving definition of modern Jewish life and the challenges facing the diverse and polarized LA Jewish community.

Gracie Evans Uses Julie Beren Platt Teen Innovation Grant to Build Meaningful Connections Between Teens and Holocaust Survivors

Gracie Evans, a recipient of the Julie Beren Platt Teen Innovation Grant, creates meaningful connections between teens and Holocaust survivors through intergenerational events. With the support of the grant, she held three successful events at the Museum of Tolerance, incorporating dance performances, concerts, and food. Grateful for the funding and resources, Gracie plans to continue organizing events for Holocaust survivors. Learn more about the grant program and how to get involved.

Looking to the Future in a Way Only We Can

Our Federation remains committed to the safety and security of our community. We address anti-Semitism, combat BDS, and work directly with law enforcement to keep our Jewish institutions and communities safe. We do not support organizations inconsistent with our values or mission. Embracing diversity, we address needs and challenges while looking to the future.

Announcing $6.2 Million in New Programs and Partnerships

“Announcing $6.2 million in new programs and partnerships, our Federation is dedicated to supporting the Jewish community during the ongoing threat of COVID-19. With a focus on providing food, social services, and meaningful Jewish engagement, we are proud to play a crucial role in rebuilding Jewish Los Angeles. Donate today to help us revitalize our community and support those in need.”

We Are Here — Always

“Our Federation has been a critical source of support and resources, breathing new life into our suffering Jewish communal organizations. We have counseled struggling teens, provided food and comfort when there was nowhere else to turn. With your help, we can continue to feed, inspire, and connect for the future. Please give today. Wishing you good health and safety.”