Cover Story: Twelve Years of Leadership

Learn about the incredible journey and impact made by President & CEO Jay Sanderson in this week’s Jewish Journal cover story. Discover how our Jewish Federation has positively influenced the entire Jewish community under his strong leadership.

G’mar Chatimah Tovah for the Entire Jewish Community

G’mar Chatimah Tovah for the Entire Jewish Community – Return to Jewish Values and Unity. As Yom Kippur approaches, let us reflect on the importance of returning to Jewish values that have guided us for generations. In these divisive times, let us remember our shared history and culture, finding common ground and strengthening our community. May we all be inscribed and sealed for a year of health, prosperity, merit, and peace.

Amanda Marks Serves The Moment Through Her Passion For Creativity

Discover how Amanda Marks found her passion for creativity through her involvement with Arts For LA and Serve The Moment. Join Serve The Moment’s immersive experience and connect with like-minded individuals while making a difference in your community. Embrace the opportunity to contribute to something meaningful and be a part of a community that truly matters.

Elianna Bernstein Tackles Food Insecurity with Serve The Moment

Elianna Bernstein tackles food insecurity in Los Angeles through her involvement with Serve The Moment. As a volunteer at the Pico location of SOVA, she helps pack bags of food for clients in need, addressing food insecurity in the city. Through this experience, she forms connections with fellow volunteers and finds fulfillment in giving people access to nutritious food.

Jessie Duke Serves the Moment by Planting Her Roots at Shemesh Farms

Serve the Moment gives Jessie Duke the opportunity to be of service in her community while connecting to the land and her own roots at Shemesh Farms. Volunteering at Shemesh Farms has been fulfilling and nourishing for Jessie’s spirit, while also providing a supportive community of peers. This immersive experience aligns with Jessie’s values of social justice and inspires her to engage more with her community.

Brawerman Fellowship – The Path to Success

Discover how the Brawerman Fellowship helped Yoni Benzacar, an Emory University graduate, create his path to success and grow as a leader. Learn about the meaningful experiences, the impact on his college journey, and what being a Brawerman Fellow means to him. Find out how the Fellowship provides financial and emotional support for Jewish young leaders, including a college scholarship and opportunities for leadership development and connection to Jewish life.

Our Federation Never Takes a Break

“Despite the challenges of COVID-19, rising temperatures, and growing polarization, our Jewish Federation remains dedicated to our community year-round. We understand the concerns and are committed to building a safe and inclusive Jewish community. Enjoy a healthy summer knowing we are here, 24/7, working towards a flourishing future.”

Meet Brawerman Fellow Alum Britt Jacobson

Meet Britt Jacobson, a Brawerman Fellow and recent USC graduate. Britt shares her gratitude for the Fellowship and how it shaped her as a leader in the Jewish community. With a major in Global Studies and double minors in Folklore & Popular Culture and Music Industry, she reflects on the meaningful experiences and opportunities the Fellowship provided.

Avery Salin & Gisella Farkas Break Youth Mental Health Stigma with the Help of The Julie Beren Platt Teen Innovation Grants

Avery Salin & Gisella Farkas, recipients of The Julie Platt Teen Innovation Grants, are tackling youth mental health stigma with their project, Youth Mental Health Awareness (YMHA). YMHA provides wellness kits and resources to youth aged 11-14, sparking conversations about mental health and integrating wellness habits into their lives. The TIG community has provided invaluable support and resources, allowing Avery and Gisella to turn their idea into reality. They have learned the importance of planning, organization, and communication, which they will apply to future endeavors. The Julie Platt Teen Innovation Grants offer an incredible opportunity for teens with ideas, providing funds, support, and mentorship. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, being a TIG recipient has allowed Avery and Gisella to address the mental health issues facing the younger generation and provide guidance through their project.

Clara Davidson Uses The Julie Platt Teen Innovation Grants to Create a Safe Place for Queer Teens

Clara Davidson, founder of Q.T. Wellness, shares their experience as a recipient of the Julie Platt Teen Innovation Grants (TIG). These grants empower teens to explore their passions and turn their ideas into reality. With the support of TIG, Clara plans to develop Q.T. Wellness into a larger organization and break the stigma around self-care. The TIG program offers opportunities for young, creative, Jewish teens to create safe spaces and explore their Jewish roots. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, being a TIG recipient has allowed Clara to aid other teens experiencing social isolation and develop new tools for their health and wellness.

Announcing Our New President & CEO

Introducing Rabbi Noah Farkas, the newly appointed President & CEO of The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. Known for his principled leadership and commitment to the Jewish community, Rabbi Farkas will assume his role in January 2022. With his extensive experience in social action and strategic development, Rabbi Farkas is poised to lead the Federation into a dynamic and cooperative future.

Federation Impact Update: June 2021

Our Federation fights against rising antisemitism in Los Angeles schools, supports Jewish summer camps, and improves mental health for future generations. Get involved with our work by emailing Help us ensure a thriving Jewish future.

Meet Brawerman Fellow Alum Joshua Zommick

Meet Joshua Zommick, a Brawerman Fellow and recent UCLA graduate with a major in Material Science Engineering. Discover how the Brawerman Fellowship has empowered him to become a leader in the Jewish community, providing him with invaluable tools and opportunities. Hear about his experiences in Israel and the impactful community outreach activities he participated in.

Persian Sunrise, American Sunset

The Federation’s Y&S Nazarian Initiative has partnered with The Braid to showcase the voices of the Iranian Jewish community through theater. Their continued partnership has inspired the new show, Persian Sunrise, American Sunset, featuring second-generation Iranian Americans. Ora Yashar, the producer, discusses the power of storytelling and the challenges faced during the pandemic. This show aims to amplify the voices of the Iranian community and promote empathy and understanding. The partnership with The Jewish Federation has been instrumental in bringing this show to life.

Join Us in Person for This Year’s Ride for the Jewish Future — Oct. 31

Join us in person on October 31st for The Jewish Federation’s 9th annual Tour de Summer Camps. Register now for the $35 early bird fee and support transformative Jewish camp experiences for families in need. Choose from various cycling courses or participate virtually. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable community event!

The Power of the Brawerman Fellowship

Discover the transformative impact of the Brawerman Fellowship program on recent Georgetown University graduate, Rachel Harris. With a $10,000 annual scholarship, leadership development, and a supportive community, the Fellowship has empowered Rachel to become a confident, perceptive, and community-minded Jewish leader. Learn how the Fellowship fosters growth, connection, and tikkun olam in non-Jewish spaces.

Our Commitment to You

“The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles is committed to the safety and security of our treasured Jewish community. We fight against antisemitism in all its forms and provide support in times of crisis. With your generous support, we strengthen the safety net for our most vulnerable and remain dedicated to our historic commitment to the State of Israel.”

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles Opposes Upcoming UTLA Resolution On Israel

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles strongly opposes the upcoming UTLA resolution on Israel. This one-sided stance on a complex geopolitical issue alienates members and creates division within public education. The BDS campaign is unjust and antisemitic, denying Israel’s right to exist. Supporting BDS promotes antisemitic rhetoric and puts teachers, students, and communities at risk. The motion misrepresents Israel and the Palestinian cause, while ignoring other atrocities. UTLA’s support of BDS is out of touch with the real needs of Los Angeles students and families.

The Actions We Take

“Our Jewish Federation’s President and CEO, Jay Sanderson, reflects on the importance of taking action in the face of rising antisemitism and hate. With a focus on community safety and healing divisions, Jay embarks on a Leadership and Solidarity Mission to Israel, reaffirming our commitment to the Jewish community and our partnership with the Israel Trauma Coalition.”

Our Community Security is a Top Priority

Our Community Security Initiative (CSI) is committed to protecting our Jewish community from rising antisemitism. Partnering with local law enforcement, we are ensuring that those responsible for the recent attack on Jews in West Hollywood are held accountable. Join us for an emergency briefing tomorrow to address these pressing issues and stand against hate speech and antisemitism.