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Acknowledging a Milestone

I am one of those people who loves celebrating milestones, especially birthdays and anniversaries.

We are fast approaching an anniversary we all have to acknowledge but we aren’t anxious to celebrate. We are reaching the one-year anniversary of this historic pandemic. During the past year, we have lost loved ones, been unable to hug family and friends, and have watched as the most vulnerable among us have struggled and suffered. We have had to abandon our offices and have had to turn our apartments and houses into home offices. We have been unable to celebrate family graduations, weddings, and holidays, and we have watched our children and grandchildren miss out on too many major milestones.

We have lost a great deal this past year.

On this anniversary, I intend to look forward and not look back. I am optimistic, hopeful, and excited about 2021. I am proud of how our Jewish community came together in spite of the fact we couldn’t be together. I experienced our resiliency and creativity. We have learned a great deal this past year, and I know we will carry those learnings forward as we move out of the darkness into the light.

I am filled with gratitude for your support and for the leadership of our Federation’s deeply committed Board of Directors and professional staff.

Our community is stronger because we have gotten through this challenging year together.

With gratitude,

Jay Sanderson
President & CEO

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