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Birthright Israel LA Way

Birthright Israel LA Way is more than a free trip — it’s finding a sense of community in L.A., Israel, and within yourself. Our LA Way participants know that when they come back from their life-changing trips, the fun, friendships, and connections don’t stop at Ben Gurion! Learn more about their time on Birthright Israel from their own perspective and the impact it had on them after they touched down at LAX. Some have already become lay leaders within the Federation since their return!

  • “If you told me I was to soon have 40+ new — without a doubt — true homies, I’d probably laugh in your face. If you told me again after the past 20 days, I’d believe you in a heartbeat. In my opinion, we only get a handful of real friends in our lives — people who challenge us, make us laugh till we cry, and meme us to the moon and back. Thank you endlessly to Bus 27 for allowing me to be me — and for being yourselves right back. Birthright has given me an invaluable and unexplainable gift that will remain with me for life. For me, it has given new meaning to being Jewish. Birthright has shown me that there’s a whole world that exists outside my Woodland Hills bubble and that this is just the start! I can’t begin to put every feeling into this post, so I’ll just say l’hitraot (see you later) and PLEASEEEE go on Birthright.” — Rebecca S., Israel Outdoors LA Way Bus 27 Participant ️and Kahn Fellow*
  • “An experience I’ll never forget. Thankful for the friends I’ve met and the beautiful places I’ve seen on this journey!” — Alan B., Winter 17-18 Israel Outdoors LA Way Bus 17 Participant and Kahn Fellow*
  • “As the son of Israeli parents, going on Birthright to revisit my family’s home country was a no-brainer. And as a Bay Area transplant living in L.A. for over seven years now, choosing the trip organized by the Federation here in my city was the perfect decision. Though our paths to L.A. may be different, every member on this trip is inherently bonded, not just by a similar cultural heritage, but also a shared community (and hatred of 405 traffic). Becoming friends was easy, and I know maintaining these friendships after the trip will be even easier. The trip itself is truly one of a kind. From the fun of partying in the cities to the scenic hikes to the rich history of Masada and the Old City, we experienced a full spectrum of sites and emotions in just 10 short days. For me, attending the Mount Herzl cemetery was by far the most powerful. My entire family fought in the IDF, and it was moving and inspirational to see the graves and hear stories from Israeli soldiers of those that lost their lives fighting for the same cause as my relatives.There could not be a better way for a person who lives in L.A. to get a taste of the Israeli culture, history, and lifestyle — while building new friendships with both Israelis and Angelenos — than on the LA Way trip.” — Guy D., Winter 17-18  Israel Outdoors LA Way Bus 258 Participant
  • “We decided to go on Birthright LA Way because we thought it was a great opportunity to explore a new country with people our age who live in our community. One of our favorite parts of the trip was floating around the Dead Sea with everyone, enjoying the moment and having fun doing something we’ve never experienced before. We are heading back to L.A. with a newfound understanding of life in Israel and greater knowledge of Jewish culture.” — Josh and Melissa G., Winter 17-18 Israel Outdoors LA Way Bus 258 Participants

To learn more about Birthright Israel LA Way, please email BirthrightLA@JewishLA.org.

*Kahn Fellowship encourages leadership and social and peer engagement to the thousands of Birthright Israel participants in the L.A. area. Jewish Federation Los Angeles deeply appreciates the generosity of the Kahn Living Trust for its support of the Kahn Fellowship.

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