Representing The Security-Related Interests Of Jewish Organizations Throughout Greater Los Angeles

Given the rising threat of terrorism, every Jewish school, synagogue, summer camp and organization is a potential target. Within all of these institutions are people—many of them children—that we need to protect. Thanks to Federation’s CSI, we can.

Launched in 2012, CSI was created to serve as a single point of contact for critical incident coordination, information and intelligence sharing, safety and security training and resources for all of Jewish Los Angeles. Since then, we have compiled a database linking hundreds of Jewish sites, visited over 266 synagogues, schools and other institutions, trained over 2,000 people in safety and security awareness.

CSI links your institution to a network of Jewish communal organizations, and gives you unprecedented access to federal, state and local emergency services. Being a part of this network helps ensure that if a threat arises for any one location, we are all prepared.


Frequently Asked Questions


Site Visit Video

While our site visits are free, in terms of community security, they are nothing less than invaluable.

Class Backpack Video

Now, Jewish day school students in classrooms throughout Los Angeles are safer in a lockdown situation.

The CSI Site Visit — Free & Invaluable

When a Jewish non-profit organization in Los Angeles requests our help, the first step is a site visit. We’ll walk through a vulnerability assessment that include these deliverables and more:

  • Emergency plan review
  • Perimeter check
  • Security equipment analysis

Following the visit, your organization will be registered in our CSI Database 3.1 and our One Voice Emergency Alert System and receive a confidential report Incorporate images with no or low-cost ways to improve security.


The Importance of Training

CSI offers the latest in safety and security training, and certification. All training is free and includes the following:

  • Surveillance detection
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Active Shooter Lockdown Training
  • Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detection
  • Terrorism awareness
  • Suspicious activity reporting
  • Emergency planning and disaster preparedness


The Power of Information

The CSI Analysis Center

Our Analysis Center tracks natural and man-made hazards through coordination with local, state and federal law enforcement and city and county government. We receive, vet and disseminate information and intelligence so institutions activate or enhance their security plans.

Special Events

CSI hosts special events like technology fairs, criminal and terrorist threat briefings and working groups, all of which feature experts who provide our community with the latest information and resources.

One Voice

CSI launched this free emergency alert system in order to keep our community informed in the event of a natural disaster or critical incident. Text, e-mail and phone communications provide real-time information to leadership and employees.


The Impact of CSI

“The perspectives that CSI and its partners bring are so different than our own—they open up new windows of understanding that are valuable beyond words. We cannot thank them enough.”
Temple Beth El

“Knowing that we can rely on the Federation to help out in securing our most sacred institutions is a very worthy thing. Having you watch all of our backs in these turbulent times is very comforting. Thank you very much.”
Beth Jacob Congregation

“In addition to helping us with our upcoming security plans, you also opened my eyes to the various current security issues which I should be taking into consideration as I try to keep the safety of our students at the top of my priority list. You introduced me to other heads of security at other Jewish schools, which was also an invaluable service which you provided to me and the school as a whole.”
Shalhavet High School