Artists. Entrepreneurs. Travelers. Social Change Makers. You are not one thing, and neither are we.

One of our greatest challenges is to make sure young adults are part of the Jewish community of tomorrow. That’s why we offer them ways to experience Jewish life that are compelling, inspiring, fun and meaningful today. Below is a sampling of our  programs that take young adults to Israel, build leadership skills, connect them with others, and offer new opportunities to “do Jewish” where they live, work, and play.

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Birthright Israel LA Way

Birthright Israel is an amazing, free 10-day adventure that takes young adults from all over the country to Israel for a life-changing trip. In Los Angeles, we do it the “LA Way,” which makes it even better. We start by having a variety of affinity groups to choose from. Then participants spend all 10 days of the experience with their Israeli peers, bonding as they see and do it all. When they get back to Los Angeles, we offer a host of ways for them to stay connected to each other and the work of our Federation — which keeps the incredible feeling of this unique Jewish journey going strong.

Campus Life & Campus Impact Network

Life on campus is all about options. That’s why we help provide college students with a wide variety of ways to participate, celebrate, advocate, and innovate — all designed to keep them connected to their Jewish identities as they navigate the world of higher learning. For those who want to develop their leadership skills or become agents of change on campus, we offer retreats, programs, and microgrants so they can learn how to build cohesive coalitions and a better world.

Community Leadership Institute (CLI)

To make sure every Jewish organization in our community can count on the leadership skills of our next generation’s Jewish leaders, we created a program that trains, mentors, inspires, and connects them. Participants in this competitive skill-building program come together in four tracks for a two-year curriculum that is as intense as it is far reaching. They forge relationships with seasoned leaders and deepen their Jewish identities. They learn about philanthropy and Jewish community. The program culminates with a trip to Israel — and prepares each and every graduate to step up and lead.

Honeymoon Israel

What happens when more committed Jewish couples have the chance to experience Israel together? They connect more deeply with each other and with the Jewish state. And that makes the world a better place, which is what this remarkable program is all about. It’s called “Honeymoon” because it’s designed for couples of every description who are longing to share this special experience together. This Jewish journey includes the best of what Israel offers. And the fact that it is diverse, welcoming, and truly life-changing makes it even better.

YALA (Young Adults of Los Angeles)

With nearly a hundred events and programs hosted by YALA happening every year in Los Angeles, Jewish young adults in their 20s and 30s always have a way to hang out, learn, have fun, socialize, and generally meet, greet, and repeat. There are clusters that are based on shared interests and specific activities like hiking, biking, yoga, and appreciating wine. There are professional networks for movers and shakers of every description and leadership opportunities for people who want to help build this incredible community of Jewish young adults.

Onward Israel

Internships in Israel? What a great way to experience life in the Jewish state, build professional skills, make new friends, and learn conversational Hebrew. It happens through Onward Israel, and the young adults who take this particular Jewish journey see the world in a whole new way. The internship placements are as diverse and exciting as Israel and include the hi-tech sector and a host of ways to make a hands-on difference through non-profits. In every internship, participants get to act like locals — and come home with a global view of the Jewish world and their connection to it.


Jewish young adults who want a way to connect to Jewish life that is outside the traditional programs and opportunities of synagogues and organizations can now find it in their own backyard through NuRoots. In four different geographic areas, NuRoots Fellows interact with young Jews who want to create a new kind of grassroots experience. Whether it’s a drum circle on the beach in Venice or Havdallah on a rooftop in downtown L.A., a vegan cooking class in North Hollywood or an art exhibit in West Hollywood, NuRoots is about connecting to timeless Jewish values in new ways.