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Telshe Yeshiva Shabbos in Los Angeles

Join us for the Telshe Yeshiva Shabbos in Los Angeles! Don’t miss the chance to meet Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Aharon Dovid Goldberg as he visits local synagogues, schools, and Kollels. Support the Yeshiva and reconnect with alumni and friends. Help us raise funds to continue our mission of providing quality education and guidance.


Simon Wiesenthal Center Dinner Honoring Marlene and Rabbi Marvin Hier

Location TBD TBD, CA

Join us at the Simon Wiesenthal Center Dinner as we honor Marlene and Rabbi Marvin Hier for their outstanding contributions to our community. This event promises to be a memorable evening filled with heartfelt speeches and delicious food. Don’t miss out on this special occasion to celebrate these remarkable individuals.