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Global Jewry: Our Impactful Work in Hungary

This post is part of a series highlighting the international work our Federation is doing in partnership with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. Learn more by joining us at Global Jewry: One People, One World on November 16th—an in-depth look at our impact and the challenges we face.

Hungary is home to the fourth largest Jewish population in Europe and is experiencing a vibrant Jewish cultural renaissance—despite a decimated population following the Holocaust and decades of religious repression under Communist rule.

Through our work, we are reconnecting Jews to their heritage via innovative programs at the Balint Jewish Community Center in Budapest, from Israeli dance classes to computer courses, holiday programs, fitness, and even Shalom Social Club for Holocaust survivors. We are also offering learning opportunities that pave the way for greater understanding of Jewish life both inside and outside the Jewish community, including Judafest, a lively social festival in the streets of Budapest that celebrates Jewish culture.

Another way we are revitalizing Jewish life in Hungary is through our Shavuot Community Learning Event. Check out the video below to hear how the JDC’s Zsuzsa is connecting Jews of all ages and denominations to their Jewish heritage.

In addition to this incredible program, we are helping make it possible for more than 1,300 Jewish children from 25 countries to attend Szarvas, a Jewish summer camp in rural Hungary, that provides an immersive and life-changing experience and helps foster young leadership.

Of course, we are also ensuring that Hungary’s poorest Jews, from the elderly to at-risk youth and families, are receiving hot meals, home care, winter relief and medical attention as needed.

Beyond Hungary, throughout Europe and in over 70 countries around the world, we are working to build and sustain Jewish communities, care for Jews in need and ensure the Jewish future we share. Learn more by joining us at Global Jewry: One People, One World on Sunday, November 16th! You’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from Zsuzsa at two panels:  Why do young Jews choose to live Jewishly in the face of global anti-Semitism? and Europe on Fire: Jews at Risk Amid Crisis and Extremism, the latest stories pulled from the headlines and their impact on the ground. You’ll also get an in-depth look at our work and the challenges we face—with firsthand accounts from several of our partners on the ground about how we’re transforming lives throughout the Jewish world.

Register for Global Jewry: One People, One World today!

For more information, contact OnePeople@JewishLA.org.

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