Our Federation’s Community Security Initiative (CSI) has a finger on the pulse of Los Angeles to monitor threats to our community. Unfortunately, antisemitic incidents continue to rise in Los Angeles at an alarming rate. CSI maintains vigilance in its commitment to stopping these threats before they hurt us. One example of CSI’s stellar work came a few weeks ago, when the FBI raided a house in Reseda and arrested a 34-year-old man with white supremacist ties. The FBI found at his house bomb-making materials, “ghost” guns, ammunition, and 3D printers designed to manufacture firearms. This individual also posted online calling for the mass murder of Jews. CSI first identified this person last year and worked closely with law enforcement to provide detailed information on the threatening nature of the suspect’s alleged online activities. Based on CSI’s information, law enforcement arrested the suspect and took this threat off the streets before he had a chance to act. This arrest is a proud example of the astounding impact we have on keeping our community safe.

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Our Federation recognizes that we are stronger when we work together to combat antisemitism. For too long, Jewish leadership has deployed a siloed approach to this issue, which has led to inefficiencies, and has hurt collaboration between Jewish institutions and law enforcement. We recently took a big step towards improving efficiency and collaboration between Jewish organizations with the creation of the Southern California Jewish Security Alliance (SCJSA), a joint initiative of our Federation and ADL Los Angeles alongside our partners at the Community Security Service (CSS). SCJSA merges ADL’s long-standing expertise on extremism and information-gathering with CSI’s proficiency in training, assessments, and information monitoring. These combined efforts will be a force-multiplier, adding strength to strength. Our Federation is uniquely positioned to bring together Jewish organizations of all stripes on a litany of issues that impact our community. With the creation of SCJSA, we will focus even more of our unifying power on keeping the Jewish community safe.

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CSI understands that one of the most impactful ways to keep Jewish Los Angeles safe is through training our partners, friends, and community members to spot and stop threats. Many people in our community need the guidance of experts to acquire this knowledge. Just this year alone, CSI has held 15 training events for employees of Jewish institutions. These include Community Resiliency Training, Personnel Resiliency Training, Digital Footprint Awareness, Project Safe Classroom, and Active Shooter/Active Threat. Through these programs, CSI has trained 330 people in our community. Three offerings of the Active Threat course (one of the most popular trainings) are scheduled before the High Holidays. Community feedback has shined a light on how scary this topic is in general; our training helps alleviate these fears. The feedback we’ve received also tells us how factual and sensitive CSI trainers are during the sessions they lead. Our community is eager to learn how to protect itself from threats. With CSI’s expertly-led training programs, our Federation is empowering people with the knowledge to accomplish this vital goal.

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