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Interview with Annie and Ben, 2017-2018 LA Couples Co-Chairs

LA Couples is Federation’s 18-month program that introduces couples to L.A. Jewish life, local leaders, and the world of Jewish philanthropy — simultaneously connecting participants to their own partners and to other couples at a similar life stage. LA Couples provides participants the opportunity to attend exclusive events, be inspired by mentors, and learn from community leaders and trailblazers. This program is about personal growth, building new friendships, and strengthening relationships with your partner.

To learn more about the impact of LA Couples, and why you should apply today, check out our interview with LA Couples Co-Chairs Annie and Ben!

Why did you want to join Federation’s LA Couples in the first place?

We wanted to meet other like- minded Jewish couples in L.A. and begin to create our own Jewish community.

What was one of your favorite memories with LA Couples? What did you enjoy most about the program?

We enjoyed the event about the history of deli food WHILE eating deli food. What we enjoyed most about the program was connecting with some pretty incredible people and making what we hope to be lifelong friendships.

What have you gained from this experience as a whole?

We now have a feeling of wanting to be a part of something bigger within the L.A. Jewish community — and have found a home to do so with the Federation.

Why did you decide to co-chair the next cohort of LA Couples for 2017-2018?

We loved the program and wanted to stay involved.

Why should young couples apply?

It’s a great way for the next generation of young Jewish couples to get involved in leadership roles in the Jewish community in L.A.

What is one of your favorite Jewish traditions or experiences?

We love Shabbat at Jewish summer camp.

Why is being involved in the Jewish community important to you?

We want to lead by example and for our daughter to have parents who are engaged in the local Jewish community — and to create that feeling of a havurah.

Apply today at YAJewishLA.org/LACouples or email LACouples@JewishLA.org for more information.

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