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MainStage 2016: Interview with Eric Fihman

MainStage 2016 | Jewish Federation Los Angeles

MainStage – Be Inspired, Be Social, Be Generous! The Jewish Federation’s annual young adult fundraiser is taking place on November 29th at the Avalon Hollywood. The event invites leading innovators and influencers to the stage to inspire, connect and entertain. Last year, young professionals brought in over $1 million to help the Federation, and MainStage contributed to that! The night promises to be one full of food, talent, drinks and more!

Check out our interview with Eric Fihman, a MainStage Committee member. We asked Eric why he decided to be involved with MainStage, and why others should join him on November 29th! Read his interview below.

Why are you on the MainStage Committee?

I wanted to be on the committee so that I could give back to the federation and the community and help build a successful event! I have been specifically involved in the VIP experience sub-committee.

What motivated you to be involved with the Federation?

I have a personal connection because when my family emigrated to the U.S. from Lviv, Ukraine, it was the local Federation that provided them with the resources to get started. The Federation helps so many people and organizations in the community, and I believe it’s important to be involved and to give back.

Why is young adult philanthropy important, and why is it important to be specifically involved with The Jewish Federation as a young adult?

One of my favorite Jewish quotes is: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?” I think this quote beautifully sums up why philanthropy is so important. We all have different resources, abilities, and strengths. It’s important to give back in whatever way we can. The community will become stronger, and so will we as individuals. Young adults are the future leaders, and we have to step up to the plate and try to make a difference.

Why should your friends come to the event?

My friends should come to MainStage because they will give back to the community and have an amazing time! There will be awesome speakers, great food, full bar, tons of people, AND it’s at the Avalon, which is an awesome venue. Everyone needs to come!

What is one new thing you have learned about the Federation this year?

I learned more about Community Leadership Institute (CLI), which is a Federation program for young adults that provides leadership training, mentorship opportunities, education, and a 10-day trip to Israel, among many other benefits. I have some friends that are currently going through the program that absolutely love it, and am interested in learning more about potentially getting involved in the future.

For more information on MainStage 2016 and to buy your ticket, visit our website at MainStageLA.org or contact MainStage@JewishLA.org! Follow us on Instagram at #MainStageLA and #JFedLA.

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