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MainStage 2016: Interview with Zev Opos

MainStage 2016 | Jewish Federation Los Angeles

MainStage – Be Inspired, Be Social, Be Generous! The Jewish Federation’s annual young adult fundraiser is taking place on November 29th at the Avalon Hollywood. The event invites leading innovators and influencers to the stage to inspire, connect and entertain. Last year, young professionals brought in over $1 million to help the Federation, and MainStage contributed to that! The night promises to be one full of food, talent, drinks and more!

Check out our interview with Zev Opos, a MainStage Committee member. We asked Zev why he decided to be involved with MainStage, and why others should join him on November 29th! Read his interview below.

Why are you on the MainStage Committee? What is your role?

I’m on the MainStage committee because I wanted to share my love for philanthropy with others and I wanted to take a leadership role in order to ensure a successful event. I am also part of the Marketing committee, as I enjoy promoting worthwhile events to young Jewish professionals in Los Angeles who otherwise would not become aware of them.

What motivated you to be involved with the Federation?

I’m motivated to be involved with the Federation because I see it as an opportunity to create, nurture, and be a part of a supportive community – one which is inspiring, generous, and cares about the needs of others in Los Angeles and beyond.

Why is young adult philanthropy important?

Young adult philanthropy is important because it primes us to be further involved and contributing members of our community and society. Giving is a very important and honorable action we can and should engage in, which gives us a sense of responsibility, as well as a direct hand in strengthening our community and causes we care about.

Why should your friends come to the event?

My friends should come to this event because they’ll be able to feel the vibrant nature of our young professional community. We are go-getters. We are able to engage in continued learning and growing, yet still know how to have a great time simultaneously. They will also be able to meet some great like-minded new friends or perhaps even meet someone special. The opportunities are endless.

What is one new thing you have learned about the Federation this year?

I learned that the Federation does not leave anything to chance. The community is extremely well-organized and attempts to gives equal attention in order help many different communities of people in our city, regardless of how they identify.

Why is it important to be involved with The Jewish Federation as a young adult?

It’s important to be involved with The Jewish Federation as a young adult because I’m interested in contributing to a brighter, more collaborative, and productive future that practices tolerance and caring toward others, rather than just waiting or hoping that others will take care of it for me.

For more information on MainStage 2016 and to buy your ticket, visit our website at MainStageLA.org or contact MainStage@JewishLA.org! Follow us on Instagram at #MainStageLA and #JFedLA.

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