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MainStage: Be Inspired, Be Social, Be Generous!

MainStage 2016 with James Corden | Jewish Federation Los Angeles

MainStage – Be Inspired, Be Social, Be Generous! The Jewish Federation’s annual young adult fundraiser is taking place on November 29th at the Avalon Hollywood. The event invites leading innovators and influencers to the stage to inspire, connect and entertain. Last year, young professionals brought in over $1 million to help the Federation, and MainStage contributed to that! The night promises to be one full of food, talent, drinks and more!

Check out our interview with Clare Koppel, a MainStage Committee member and current participant in CLI (the Community Leadership Institute, a premier leadership program of Jewish Federation Los Angeles). We asked Clare why she decided to be involved with MainStage, and why others should join her on November 29th! Read our interview with Clare below.

Why are you on the MainStage Committee? What is your role?
I joined the Committee with some friends from CLI as a way to get more involved with the Federation. My role on the committee is being helpful wherever needed – this has given me the opportunity to assist in a number of aspects relating to the event.

What motivated you to be involved with the Federation?
Community building for my future family – this is what motivated me to first get involved with the Federation.

Why is young adult philanthropy important?
I think the younger we are when we get involved, the more time we have to establish stronger relationships within the community. As a result, we also feel more invested in the community.

Why should your friends come to the event?
My friends always ask me how to get more involved with the Federation and how to meet more Jewish young adults. My answer to them is to come to MainStage!!! It is a fun, end of the year event and gives us the opportunity to mingle with new and familiar faces. It also primes us for even bigger events in our future!

What is one new thing you have learned about the Federation this year?
The reach of Jewish Federation Los Angeles is way bigger than I thought. The programs they run in LA, Israel and all over the world are truly remarkable. In LA specifically, the Federation brings together such an incredible community, one that I hope never goes away.

Why is it important to be involved with The Jewish Federation as a young adult?
It is important to be involved so that we can find a community and build upon it as we grow older. The Federation also gives us the chance/platform to experience many opportunities, from professional, to social and leadership-based.

For more information on MainStage 2016 and to buy your ticket, visit our website at www.MainStageLA.org or contact MainStage@JewishLA.org! Follow us on Instagram at #MainStageLA and #JFedLA.

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