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Our Federation Never Takes a Break

It almost feels like a normal Southern California summer. We are taking summer trips and our children have returned to summer camp. The beaches are full. The airports are crowded, and our freeway traffic is back.

We know that this is not a normal summer. We are still suffering the impact of COVID-19, especially on the growing number of those in need. We are facing rising temperatures and the potential for another summer and autumn of fierce wildfires.

Our Jewish community is also experiencing deepening polarization and a dramatic rise in antisemitism and attacks on the State of Israel.

Every summer, I remind you that although we are taking vacations, your Jewish Federation never takes a break. We are committed to our Jewish community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We share your concerns, and we are committed to our unshakable mission to build an inclusive, flourishing, safe, and secure Jewish community — today and for the future.

With best wishes for a healthy and enjoyable summer,

Jay Sanderson
President & CEO

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