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Our Trip to Israel to Express Our Love and Concern

We are here in Israel today because of our deep love for our Jewish homeland. We are traveling with our partners at The Jewish Federations of North America to express our thoughts and concerns about the ramifications of the judicial reform legislation, and to encourage the negotiations and compromise suggested by President Isaac Herzog.

The abiding connection between the State of Israel and Diaspora Jewry resonates. Our recent Study of Jewish LA revealed that over 80% of Jewish adults in Los Angeles believe that caring for Israel is an essential or important part of being Jewish. We need each other. With shared values, hopes, and history, together we form Klal Yisrael — the whole of Jewish peoplehood.

On our trip, we will be meeting with members of the Knesset, civil society advocates, and several of the Israeli leaders who have proposed the judicial reforms. We will also meet with President Herzog.

Our Federation represents the second-largest Jewish population outside of Israel. The purpose of our trip is to make known to elected officials and leaders how much the decisions made at this crucial time impact our priorities, work, and advocacy on behalf of Israel and Diaspora Jewry. We believe in the importance of Israel as a strong democracy. Exchanging ideas with elected officials is the most democratic action we can take.

We are embarking on this trip with respect, care, and love. We embrace the tenets of Kol Yisrael aravim zeh b’zeh — All of Israel is responsible for one another.

For updates from our trip later this week, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Orna Wolens
Chair of the Board

Rabbi Noah Farkas
President & CEO

The Jewish Federation is the central organization of Jewish Los Angeles. We put Jewish values in action to meet our community’s needs and make our voices heard on issues ranging from antisemitism to social services to ensuring a strong Jewish future. We care for our most vulnerable, inspire Jewish journeys, connect with and support the people of Israel and Jews around the world, and actively engage in Los Angeles civic life to build bridges with other communities. We accomplish this by working with our dedicated partners, our generous donors, and our passionate leadership.

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