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Please Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Your help is urgently needed to mobilize support for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The entire area that was hit by an unprecedented and catastrophic hurricane is still experiencing heavy rain and flooding. We know the damage will be great, and the entire community needs our help. It is estimated that 71% of Houston’s Jewish population lives in areas that have seen massive flooding; along with others, Jews have been displaced from their homes. We know that close to 12,000 elderly members in our community live in areas impacted by flooding. Jewish institutions that flooded just two years ago have now flooded again.

We know you want to help. And right now, the most significant thing we can do as a community is to raise funds for clean-up and recovery. Our Federation is allocating funds to affected areas to help with immediate relief efforts right away.


We are part of a global community, and this is what we do to care for other Jews in need in the United States and around the world. In the coming days, we will have boots on the ground to help support the community’s immediate emergency efforts. As part of this international collective, our Chief Program Officer Becky Sobelman-Stern will join other Federation professionals in Houston to assess the needs of the community and those who are at their most vulnerable. By being on the ground, we will help rebuild the Jewish community physically, as well as identify what we can and should do to have the most impact. We will continue to do whatever it takes to help those affected by this tragedy.

Join us in making a difference today. That way, when the waters subside, you will be offering the support that will help the victims of this disaster rebuild — right when they need it most. When disaster hits, our Federation family stands together.

If you have already made a donation, we extend our gratitude to you on behalf of those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Thank you,

Julie B. Platt, Chair of the Board
Jay Sanderson, President & CEO

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