Episode #044
A Conversation with
Rabbi Elazar Muskin

This week on Jay’s 4 Questions, host Jay Sanderson has a deep conversation with Rabbi Elazar Muskin, Senior Rabbi of Young Israel of Century City and the President of the Rabbinical Council of America. They talk about the power of inspiration and the importance of a 15-minute sermon.

Episode #043
A Conversation with
Dr. Beth Karlan

On Jay’s 4 Questions, Dr. Beth Karlan, one of the leading gynecologic oncologists in America at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, talks about cancer, her research and work, the BFOR breast cancer gene mutation study, and the power of healing.

Episode #042
A Conversation with
Carol Leifer

This week’s guest on Jay’s 4 Questions is comedian and writer Carol Leifer. From Catch a Rising Star to The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, to Seinfeld and to next season’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, Carol speaks with Jay about her professional experiences, her childhood and upbringing, and her deep commitment to her Jewishness and to The Jewish Federation.

Episode #041
A Conversation with
Bret Stephens

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist Bret Stephens joins Jay for a thoughtful conversation about his journey from The Wall Street Journal to The Jerusalem Post, back to The Wall Street Journal, and finally to The New York Times today. They talk about his Jewish identity and his commitment to Israel, which began in Mexico City and has taken him around the world.

Episode #040
A Conversation with
Eric Goldstein

This week on the podcast, Federation President & CEO Jay Sanderson talks to Eric Goldstein, CEO of UJA-Federation NYC, the Los Angeles Federation’s East Coast cousin. They speak about the role of the Federation today, the difficulties they face during challenging times, and what we need to do to bring our Jewish communities together.

Episode #039
A Conversation with Billy Harris

This week on Jay’s 4 Questions, host Jay Sanderson has a good old Hollywood chit-chat with Billy Harris, fundraiser extraordinaire, dinner host, and major food celebrity, about his journey from Brooklyn to Hollywood and beyond!

Episode #038
A Conversation with
Uri D. Herscher

Uri D. Herscher, Founding President & CEO of the Skirball Cultural Center, joins Jay Sanderson on Jay’s 4 Questions to discuss identity, Jewish tradition, and the mission and role of the Skirball in creating a safe space for all.

Episode #037
A Conversation with
Faye Kellerman

This week, host Jay Sanderson speaks with Faye Kellerman, one of America’s most beloved mystery writers. They discuss how her love for Judaism always accompanied her on her journey from dentistry to writing — and remains a fixture in her everyday life. She also shared that her keen listening skills and vivid imagination have played key roles in her long-term success!

Episode #036
A Conversation with
Chef Alon Shaya

This week on Jay’s 4 Questions, James Beard Award-winning Chef Alon Shaya joins Jay Sanderson for a lively conversation about how food led him on a journey of self-exploration and how cauliflower can be a “gateway drug.”

Episode #035
A Conversation with
Rabbi Angela Buchdahl

This week’s guest is Rabbi Angela Buchdahl, Senior Rabbi at New York City’s Central Synagogue. Born in Seoul, Korea, tune in to hear her journey to become a leader at one of the largest reform congregations in America and how she focuses on breaking down barriers, a subject deeply rooted in her life and work.

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