Episode #017
A conversation with Idan Raichel

This week, host Jay Sanderson speaks with world music superstar, producer, composer, and recording artist Idan Raichel. Idan traces his love of music to his childhood in Israel, sharing early memories with Jay and how they influenced his career as an artist.  They also discuss modern Judaism and, as Idan puts it, the need to “update the software for future generations” to keep them engaged and connected to Jewish life.

Episode #16
A Conversation with Lenny Krayzelburg

This week, host Jay Sanderson speaks with four-time Olympic gold medalist Lenny Krayzelburg. Hear about Lenny’s journey from Odessa to Los Angeles — exemplifying the American Dream — and his rise to backstroke world champion. They also discuss how Lenny became one of the greatest swim teachers in America and his commitment to teaching every child how to swim.

Episode #015
A Conversation with Bob Saget

This week’s edition of Jay’s 4 Questions is extra special! Host Jay Sanderson speaks with Bob Saget —comedian, actor, director, and writer — for an energetic conversation about his life, career, and talent for making people laugh. Jay also draws out Bob’s deep and soulful side that’s rarely shown. With commentary about G-d and requisite comedy bits, this episode has it all — don’t miss it! Interested in seeing Bob on tour, reading his book, or watching his comedy specials? Visit http://bobsaget.com/ for more details.

Episode #014
A Conversation with Noa Tishby

This week, host Jay Sanderson sits down with Noa Tishby — actress, producer, mother, activist, singer, and community leader. Their discussion highlights Noa’s role as a trailblazer in both the Hollywood and Israel communities, how she brings Hollywood to Israel and vice versa, and how she  continuously transforms the entertainment world’s perception of Israel. Tune in today to learn how she uses her creativity and professional passion to balance her many roles!

Episode #013
A Conversation with Faith Leener

This week, Federation President & CEO Jay Sanderson sits down with Faith Leener, Co-founder and Director of Base. Base is an organization that has grown and maintained a network of “home bases” — homes of rabbinic families that provide hospitality, learning, and support for students and young adults. Jay speaks with Faith about her home base of Charlotte, North Carolina, fun topics like the difference between grits and matzah brei, and serious business like how to inspire Jewish leadership. Tune in today!

Episode #012
A Conversation with David Broza

This week, Jay’s 4 Questions brings a musical and artistic flare with guest David Broza, international recording star and poet. Broza’s songwriting inspiration stems from his eclectic roots — Spanish, Israeli, American, you name it — bringing together all kinds of people, cultures, and traditions. Tune in today to learn about how Broza’s journeys and experiences play into his music and creativity. You won’t want to miss this episode!

Episode #011
A Conversation with David Yarus

This week, host Jay Sanderson engages David Yarus, Founder of JSwipe and mllnnl, in a dynamic and exciting conversation. David reveals the genesis of JSwipe and shares his unique perspective on Judaism. Don’t miss it!

Episode #010
A Conversation with Archie Gottesman

This week, tune in to Jay’s 4 Questions with guest Archie Gottesman, Co-founder of JewBelong.com and branding expert. Archie and Jay discuss her specialty — using unconventional messaging and creative ad campaigns to reach unengaged Jews — which helps prevent “Jewbarrassment.” Don’t know what that means? Listen to the podcast to find out!

Episode #009
A Conversation with Rabbi Wolpe

This week, Jay’s 4 Questions hosts guest Rabbi David Wolpe, the Max Webb Senior Rabbi of Sinai Temple. Jay takes our listeners into the mind of a great rabbi as the two discuss Rabbi Wolpe’s personal journey, issues that affect his community members, his views on today’s polarizing political climate, and whether rabbis are considered public figures. He also shares about his book, David, that explores the life of the biblical Jewish king.

Episode #008
A Conversation with Joan Nathan: The Chanukah Edition

This week, Jay’s 4 Questions celebrates Chanukah with cookbook author and food writer extraordinaire Joan Nathan. Host Jay Sanderson speaks with Joan about her view of the Jewish world through her recipes and work. Jay also learns everything there is to know about latkes — from sweet potato, to yucca, to cauliflower, and more. Joan is kind enough to share a recipe with our listeners for Mashed Sweet Potato Latkes from her new cookbook, King Solomon’s Table.