Ep #029
Jay’s 4 Questions
A Conversation with
Abby Stein


Podcast guest Abby Stein has a truly incredible story: she was once a Hasidic man living as a rabbi in the Ultra-Orthodox epicenter of Williamsburg, New York who has now found freedom and truth in her new life as an openly transgender woman.

She reminisces about growing up surrounded by her devout parents and 12 siblings in their extremely insular community. Abby only has her memories now, as her difficult life decision caused her family to cut all ties. She is currently based in Manhattan and studies at Columbia University, but travels around the nation to share her personal journey and advocate for the rights of transgender individuals everywhere.

Don’t miss her honest and inspiring story! Also, be sure to check out InStyle’s article about her: Meet the Hasidic Rabbi Who Realized She Was Transgender Thanks to a Google Search.

* Bottom two photos by Isabel Epstein

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