Ep #032
Jay’s 4 Questions
A Conversation with
Mayor Eric Garcetti


Mayor Eric Garcetti joins Jay’s 4 Questions this week to discuss community, public service, culture, politics, and more. He talks about the impact of his multicultural background on his household and shares how the confluence of his Jewish, Mexican, American, and Italian heritages added tradition and understanding to his childhood. The mayor shares his passion for social change, public policy, and the impact we can all make in the world. He also discusses the most pressing issues (both challenges and opportunities) that keep him busy each day and committed to his role in public office. The mayor shares special memories of his time in Ethiopia on a medical relief mission, assisting with the Ethiopian Jewish airlifts. He said that this trip forever changed his life, showing the eternity of the Jewish religion.

The mayor emphasized his love for navigating culture and crossing borders. He said, “If there’s a place that makes you uncomfortable, seek it out.” For these wise words and more, tune in to our interview with Mayor Garcetti.

Don’t forget to check out the full video clip of the podcast recording!

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