Ep #060
Jay’s 4 Questions
A Conversation with
Irwin Kula


Irwin Kula brings the tipping points in Jewish life to the forefront in a lively and passionate discussion on this week’s episode of Jay’s 4 Questions podcast. Kula, a media personality, author, innovator, rabbi and the co-president of Clal — the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership — is forthcoming as he speaks about the importance of change and disruption in the Jewish world. He discusses what it means to be a conscious spiritual disrupter, the transformation of religion today, and the definition of a sacred community. Kula speaks with such passion and vigor that it would be impossible to walk away from this episode without a renewed sense of optimism and inspiration for the future. Tune in today!

To learn more about Clal, visit www.clal.org.

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