Ep #063
Jay’s 4 Questions
A Conversation with
Tali Levanon


In a beautiful and thought-provoking discussion on Jay’s 4 Questions podcast this week, Tali Levanon, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC), discusses her trauma and resiliency work in Israel, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and around the world and how people deal differently with traumas from natural and man-made disasters. She also talks about the importance and power of self-healing, especially when experiencing tragedy after tragedy.

Since Tali was here in L.A. to help our local community get through the recent wildfires, she joined us live to share the impact of the Federation-ITC partnership. She also shared personal memories, opening up about her first experiences with resilience at a very early age.

Tune in to hear more about resilience and the power of community.

To learn more, visit www.israeltraumacoalition.org.

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