Ep #064
Jay’s 4 Questions
A Conversation with
Phil Rosenthal



This week’s podcast guest is the creator, writer, and producer of Everybody Loves Raymond and foodie, world traveler, and host of the Netflix hit Somebody Feed Phil. Phil and Jay talk about comedy and food, arguably two of the Jewish people’s greatest gifts to mankind, and how Phil is “exactly like the late Anthony Bourdain — if he was afraid of everything.”

Phil shares his journey of how he got to where he is today and what inspired him along the way. He reveals secret insights into Everybody Loves Raymond and, when reflecting on why so many people connected to it, he said, “The more specific you get to your personal quirks and little things that happen in your house, the more universal it is — because we all relate to each other’s specifics.” He explains how Somebody Feed Phil is all about travel, meeting people, and experiencing other cultures. He even offers tips to travel in your own town — that’s why he goes to an American town for every 6th episode! This podcast episode will fill you will inspiration and laughter and may even make you hungry toward the end!

To learn more about Phil Rosenthal and watch his show, visit www.philrosenthalworld.com.

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