Ep #082
Jay’s 4 Questions
A Conversation with Rabbanit
Alissa Thomas-Newborn


This week’s guest is the groundbreaking rabbanit of L.A. modern Orthodox congregation B’nai David-Judea, Alissa Thomas-Newborn. The conversation explores her journey from being the daughter of a Reform rabbi and a student at the Brentwood school to a leader in the modern Orthodox community, the role she plays as rabbanit, and the legacy of women leaders throughout Jewish history. She discusses the path we are all on in finding meaning, purpose, and our place in this world, as well as the beauty and vibrancy of Judaism.

For 30 minutes of inspiration and spirituality, tune in today!

Rabbanit Alissa Thomas Newborn and Jay Sanderson Candid ShotRabbanit Alissa Thomas NewbornRabbanit Alissa Thomas Newborn and Jay Sanderson Sitting

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