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Community Security Initiative (CSI)

Launched in 2012 to combat the rising threat of terrorism and to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the Jewish community, the Federation’s Community Security Initiative (CSI) continues to serve a unique role in its protection of every school, synagogue, summer camp, and nonprofit organization in Jewish Los Angeles. CSI functions as a single point of contact for critical incident coordination, information sharing, safety and security training, and resources for Jewish institutions across L.A. CSI also offers individuals within these establishments necessary instruction and awareness to arm themselves against potential threats. The initiative is a link to a network of Jewish communal organizations and provides unprecedented access to local, state, and federal emergency services. CSI stays vigilant during the day and awake throughout the night, keeping a watchful eye on the entire community — so we can all sleep safely and soundly. 

Given the rising threat of domestic terrorism, every Jewish school, synagogue, summer camp, and organization is a potential target. Within all these institutions are people, many of them children, who we need to protect. Thanks to CSI, we can. 

Since its inception, we have compiled a database linking hundreds of Jewish sites over 1,500+ square miles; visited over 480 synagogues, schools, and other institutions; and trained over 5,530 people in safety and security awareness. Being part of this network helps ensure that if a threat to any one location arises, we are all prepared. 

The following services help ensure that if a threat arises, we are all prepared:

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