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CSI offers staff and volunteers the latest in safety and security training and certification to make your organization a harder target. All training is free and covers subjects such as Advanced Situational Awareness, Behavioral Analysis, Suspicious Activity Reporting, Surveillance Detection, Active Shooter Mitigation, Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Detection, Emergency Planning, and Disaster Preparedness.

Personnel Resiliency Training (PRT)

In 2016, CSI developed and launched Personnel Resiliency Training (PRT), a one-of a-kind training curriculum. PRT teaches your organization to leverage advanced situational awareness to recognize “pre-incident indicators” of violence and quickly report them to law enforcement. Today, with over 1,240+ graduates, PRT has become our core training program, resulting in increased reporting of suspicious activity in our community. The course has received praise from several subject-matter experts and has been adopted in other Jewish communities throughout the country.

Community Resiliency Training (CRT) 

In 2018, CSI expanded our training curricula and launched our Community Resiliency Training (CRT). CRT is a basic situational awareness course, designed specifically for congregants and parents. CRT empowers you to develop a “culture of security” through the practical use of situational awareness, identification of pre-Incident Indicators, and efficient reporting. With over 1,050+ graduates, CRT has empowered congregants and parents to become part of their facilities’ security apparatus, enabling them to detect, identify, and report suspicious activity before potential violence occurs.

Active Shooter/Active Threat Mitigation

Over the past decade, active shooter incidents in the United States have surged, but many remain convinced, “It could never happen to me.” This mindset can dangerously undermine preparedness. Our training serves to empower the Jewish community with the tools necessary to survive an active threat. Built with FBI, DHS, and LAPD resources, this training provides a Jewish-centric approach to mitigating threats and surviving an active shooter.  

Digital Footprint Basics

After identifying prominent members of the Jewish community doxxed online, reports of others being targeted in well-run email scams, or observing deep web chatter regarding Jewish locations, CSI identified a need to teach a basic situational awareness course for the digital world. Digital Footprint Basics teaches how to minimize your digital trail, remove personally identifying information, and protect yourself from malicious digital actors. 

Project Safe Classroom

After reviewing government and law enforcement research on the active shooters phenomenon and identifying security and lockdown shortfalls in our classrooms, Project Safe Classroom was born. Project Safe Classroom empowers educators with the tools and training to keep their students safe during an attack.

We distribute purpose-built lockdown bags and provide necessary training on the methodology and effective use of the bags. Each Project Safe Classroom delivery entails a full hour of onsite training for all educators and administrative staff. Each Project Safe Classroom kit includes carefully researched and tested equipment designed to mitigate the impact of an active shooter incident and effectively help lock down a school classroom. From locks and tools to much-needed first aid and emergency medical equipment, every item has been carefully selected for this special program.