Throughout the year we offer a variety of events so that children with special needs and their families can connect, get support, have fun, and enjoy all that Jewish life has to offer.

HaMercaz Family Playday at the Zimmer Children’s Museum on President’s Day on February 20. Visit here for more information.

Jewish Community Inclusion Festival on February 26 at Vista Del Mar. Visit here for more information.

HaMercaz and Temple Beth Hillel are partnering to provide support groups for families of children with special needs. Visit here more information.

Here are other ways you can experience the power of inclusivity in our community.


Upcoming Community Events


Mission to Israel

One of the most exciting past events was a trip to Israel. We traveled with 36 participants and visited almost every corner of the country to learn about Israel’s innovative programs and services. We were overwhelmed by the passion and commitment shown by staff and parents for people with special needs.