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TLV Talks: An Evening with Israel’s Social and Technological Innovators

By now, most people know that Israel is the “Start-Up Nation” and has a booming hi-tech industry.  That’s why The Jewish Federation, the Israeli American Council’s BINA, and Israel 21c are proud to launch TLV Talks, a community initiative created to highlight Israel’s social and technological innovators. We invite you and your friends to join us for the first event, this Sunday, November 17th at the Cross Campus space in Santa Monica at 6:30 PM.

It seems like there is a great Israeli or Israeli idea involved in every major international development – and the speakers at our TED talks-style event prove that is definitely the case.  Whether it’s getting the right website engineers to fix the Affordable Care Act website, or providing relief to the devastation in the Philippines, Israelis are there.  And on Sunday, they will be with us.  Our lineup of speakers includes:

Eitan Magid – Hi-tech entrepreneur from the IDF’s elite computer technology unit (Shmoneh-Matayyim) who owns and runs his own website and internet marketing firm, helped develop the technology behind the touch screens in the NYC fleet of taxis, and was just hired by the White House to be one of the many firms to try and help fix the broken Affordable Care Act website.

Captain Avner Even-Zohar – Former IDF Captain in the Education Unit, Gay Right activist, children’s book author, and Professor at the U.S. Military Academy in Monterey, CA.

Sherri Weinman – Founding board member for IsraAid, the Israeli humanitarian organization that puts doctors and field hospitals on the ground in the world’s most devastating disasters, including the earthquake in Haiti, and now following the tragic typhoon in the Philippines.   

Udi Bar-Sela – An Israeli businessman who currently serves as CFO and SVP for Tigo Energy, an Israeli solar energy company with offices in Silicon Valley.

Admission is $10. You can register online and visit the Facebook event page to share with your friends spread the word about this great event. We look forward to seeing you Sunday night!

For more information, contact Dan Gold at DGold@JewishLA.org.


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