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Tour de Summer Camps: Meet Adar Broekman!

On Sunday, October 30th, Jewish Federation Los Angeles will proudly hold our 4th annual Tour de Summer Camps, the community-wide cycling fundraiser that helps provide scholarships to send more of our kids to Jewish summer camp and help them build a lifelong connection to Jewish identity and values. Each year, hundreds of community members fundraise for months, do training rides, and show up to bike our course for either 18, 36, 62 or 100 miles.

This year, we are profiling a few of our riders to find out why they participate in Tour de Summer Camps. We interviewed Adar Broekman, who is participating in Tour de Summer Camps as a virtual rider, raising money to send more kids to camp this year, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the summer experience. Tour de Summer Camps is Adar’s Mitzvah project, in honor of his upcoming Bar Mitzvah.

Which Jewish summer camp do you go to, and how long have you been going to this camp?
I have been going to Camp Alonim for the past 7 summers and 4 winters.

Why do you love camp?
I love my camp because I get to spend time with all of my friends, new and old, that I’ve bonded with. What I also love about Alonim is that there is a great vibe and a sense of home, so you never get too homesick.

What are some of your favorite things about camp?
My favorite parts of camp include Shabbat dancing and song session, the JCIT carnival (a carnival put on by an older group at camp), and Alo-roots (a big festival and concert that takes place towards the end of camp, where everyone has crazy fun).

Why did you get involved with Tour de Summer Camps?
I got involved with Tour de Summer Camps because I want people to experience the enjoyment and exhilaration that I have at camp. I want all children, even those who unfortunately can’t afford to experience camp, to be able to go to amazing camps such as Alonim and have a great time.

Why is it important to you that other children are able to have the same experiences you have at Jewish summer camp?
It is important to me that kids who can’t afford camp also have the opportunity to go. If I didn’t go to Alonim, I can’t even imagine what I would be doing all summer, and just thinking that there are many, many kids in this world that don’t go to camps like Alonim makes me sad that they’re missing out.

Why did you choose Tour de Summer Camps as your mitzvah project, in honor of your Bar Mitzvah?
I was asked to think about what matters most to me, what makes me the happiest and how I could share that with others…summer camp was the first thing that came to mind.

What is your fundraising goal?
My personal fundraising goal is to raise $1112.03 (my birthdate) by my bar mitzvah in November…but I plan to keep raising funds after my bar mitzvah so that I can pay for one full session of camp for one camper by this upcoming summer. Please check out my fundraising page at:

Tell us about the ways you are involved in Tour de Summer Camps. What will you be doing on the day of the bike ride?
I am building up a virtual team and raising money. Leading up to the event, I am volunteering at the office including putting together swag bags. On the day of the event I will be in charge of the spirit squad table. At the table we will be helping people make signs and motivate people to support the racers. I plan to take photos to post on the Tour de Summer Camps Instagram account. I hope to inspire others that day to raise funds to send more and more kids to camp — which is the best experience ever!!

Adar is one of our youngest virtual riders – and we hope his involvement, dedication and passion inspires you to join us and ride for the Jewish future!

Questions? Please visit the Tour de Summer Camps website or contact the Tour de Summer Camps team at (323) 761-8013 or info@tourdesummercamps.org.

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