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Update from a PresenTenseLA Fellow

The Jewish Federation PresenTenseLA Fellowship provides young adult innovators with the tools, resources and connections to bring their ideas to life in our Jewish community. This post highlights one of their social entrepreneurial ventures that will be unveiled on our third PresenTenseLA Launch Night June 9th.

Innovation, creativity, and collaboration are just three ideas I have learned to adopt and embrace throughout PresenTenseLA.  Each week, we meet with mentors, successful social entrepreneurs, and most importantly, our fellow peers.  We explore, dream, and collaborate with one another, while learning how to navigate this new world of social entrepreneurship.

As a PresenTenseLA Fellow, I have been given an opportunity to follow my dream:  to create healthier lifestyles for young adults with disabilities through fitness.  My venture, ZOOZ Fitness, develops, implements and provides fitness and exercise programs and services to young adults with disabilities. These adaptive, inclusive, and active workout routines build confidence, self-awareness, and ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Each seminar provides PresenTenseLA Fellows with valuable tools and lessons we can take with us on our journey to create and build our ventures.  One of my favorites was the prototyping workshop, where we pitched new ideas and revamped old ones.  The feedback and constructive criticism we received allowed us to rethink old ideas and create new ways to look at our ventures.

I am grateful for this amazing opportunity and hope to be able to share my experiences with others and create a world in which everyone, regardless of their ability level, has the opportunity to create and maintain a life that promotes health, happiness, and wellness of mind and body.

Jake Weiner is the founder and director of ZOOZ Fitness. For more information on his venture, e-mail zoozfitness@gmail.com, or follow ZOOZ Fitness on Facebook or Instagram @zoozfitness.

For more information about PresenTenseLA, visit www.presentensela.org or e-mail Scott Minkow at SMinkow@JewishLA.org.

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