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We Are Lions, Hear Us Roar!

Lions are powerful and strong. Lions are leaders and take responsibility for their families and communities. Keeping this in mind, it is clear why the group of committed, philanthropic, dedicated and generous women of our Federation is called the Lion of Judah. These Lions are symbols of strength and inspire us all to take responsibility and make our world a better place.

We sat down with Beverly Sturman, one of the Co-Chairs of the upcoming International Lion of Judah Conference. Beverly talked to us about what it means to be a Lion and why she can’t wait to go to Washington, D.C. this month.

How are you involved with the Federation? How many years have you been a Lion?
“I have been active with the Federation for many years and have been a Lion for 15 years. Prior to serving as a Co-Chair for the Conference, I was the Brentwood Women’s Country Club Chair for two years and a Vice Chair before that.”

What inspired you to become a Lion, and what does it mean for you to be a Lion?
“I had attended quite a few events, and one day I was asked by Evy Lutin to become more involved and join the Lions. I liked the idea, and as soon as I joined I knew I had found the right place. Being a Lion means commitment to the Jewish community, here and in Israel. It means an absolute giving of myself to such a strong cause, as well as involvement with wonderful women who are also committed.”

What impact has being a Lion had on your life?
“I have a stronger connection to helping others and more awareness of what is happening in Israel. It has enriched my life, and I have received much more back than I have given. I truly feel lucky to be part of such a strong and dedicated community of women.”

What have been a few of your favorite moments of being a Lion?
“Going to the conferences – I have been to several of them, and every time I go, I am reenergized and more committed because of the people I meet and because of the incredible things the Federation is doing. It is such an enriching experience!”

What would you say to others who are thinking of becoming a Lion and joining the Conference?
“I would say, ‘Go for it! You will be happy that you did.’ Two years ago, I encouraged four women to move up to the Lion level, and it has been so rewarding to see them enjoy being part of our fabulous ‘Pride.’”

What is so special about being a Lion?
“I feel such a meaningful connection with the women I have met through being a Lion. It is more than just working with them – I feel a true friendship and kindred spirit. I am also a member of the Women’s Philanthropy Cabinet and work with terrific women of all ages and stages in their lives. It is very inspiring to see how many of the younger generation have stepped up to take on important roles in Federation and in our community. This year I have enjoyed working with my wonderful Lion Co-Chairs and together we are going to have a fabulous time in D.C.!”

Lion of Judah recognizes all women who make a gift to the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles’ Annual Campaign in their own name of $5,000 or more. As part of an international organization that connects us to Lions around the world, all Lions can proudly wear a striking gold or platinum pin, highlighted with diamonds or rubies, marking their increased commitment to the work of our Federation.

To find out how to become a Lion, as well as for more information on the upcoming Lion of Judah conference (September 11-13, 2016), please contact: (323) 761-8275 or (818) 668-2340.

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