From the CEO

What is Your Legacy?

This past summer, I celebrated my 60th birthday. Honestly, there were many things about turning 60 that felt strange. My mother told me that “60 is just a number.” I thought that that was easy for her to say since she is 89. But this momentous birthday led me to reflect a great deal on one central question: What is my legacy?

I became the President and CEO of our Federation eight years ago because I was and still am deeply committed to building and ensuring a strong and vibrant Jewish community for generations to come. I hope that my contribution to this deeply important goal will be a part of my legacy.

My colleagues (laypeople and professional) are all now asking the legacy question. Like you, we are all committed to the future of our community.

I am now asking two more questions:

  • Can we talk to you about our shared goal?
  • How can your legacy play a role in the Jewish future?

We look forward to sitting down to answer these questions together.

Thank you in advance.

Jay Sanderson
President & CEO