Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles believes that everyone in our community should have the opportunity to experience and celebrate our shared values, history and traditions. Making Jewish life more accessible for all is one of our top priorities, which is why we are part of a national effort to raise awareness about members of the Jewish community with disabilities. We invite you to join us!

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Get Inspired: Tips to be More Inclusive of People with Disabilities throughout February

  1. Sweat the small stuff. It’s often the small things, such as being kind and courteous, that make a difference.
  2. Volunteer your time with one of the amazing Jewish organizations in LA that supports people with disabilities.
  3. Smile. You might be surprised at how contagious a smile can be.
  4. As an advocate, address myths and misconceptions. Show off your abilities!
  5. Be flexible. Things don't always go as planned. Be willing to adapt to changing conditions when necessary.

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