If we don’t take care of our community, who will?

“It is our responsibility to provide aid for Jews in need. That means helping connect people to skills and services so they can be self-sufficient — and making sure all Jews can participate in Jewish life”.

Working with partners in Los Angeles, Israel, and over 70 countries around the world, we create a social service safety net for Jews who are:

Emerging from Poverty Toward Self-Sufficiency

We help those who are financially unstable, hungry, in danger of losing their home, or need resources and tools to meet their basic needs and become self-sufficient.

Frail Seniors & Holocaust Survivors

We help those who cannot manage on their own due to financial, psychological, or physical conditions. We make sure they have what they need to live comfortably — and with dignity.

Living with Disabilities & Special Needs

We provide those with developmental and other disabilities with greater access to quality services and programs that enhance daily living and inclusion in our community.

Living in Crisis

We help those who are dealing with a crisis, such as domestic violence, an addiction, a traumatic event, or resettling as a new immigrant, and give them the tools to become resilient.


Need help? The Los Angeles Jewish Community Resource Guide is full of services, organizations and more.