Act in Solidarity with Israel

Act in Solidarity with Israel

Our Federation immediately mobilized to send urgent help directly to thousands of Israelis in dire need. Your support is critical. We are continually allocating emergency funds to the people suffering unimaginable and incomprehensible horrors at the hands of Hamas. We are doing this in two ways, (1) Our Federation is working closely with our Israel office to identify immediate, mid- and long-term needs on the ground and making direct allocations to select partner organizations, and (2) our Federation, in partnership with the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), is allocating funds directly to over 300 organizations in Israel to provide lifesaving assistance to those who need it most. 

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles – Direct Allocations

We have allocated $2,500,000 to support frontline communities who were living near the Gaza border and the Lebanese border and who have been evacuated. Now housed in hotels and hostels throughout the country, these communities are physically safe but lack basic services and frameworks that will enable them to resume daily functioning. We are addressing these gaps through our initial round of allocations detailed below. 

We are providing pop-up schools and temporary classrooms, informal educational activities, trauma counseling, and computers for over 1,300 displaced children and teens from eight frontline communities. Helping children resume school with their friends provides some sense of normalcy and comfort during this difficult time. Our Federation has made allocations to the following organizations: 

Hotam: $750,000 – Hotam works across Israel’s education system and in close collaboration with Israel’s Ministry of Education to provide education support to low-income students. They are helping five evacuated communities from the south by providing pop-up schools, teachers, psychologists, informal educational activities, equipment, and transportation. 

Mitchashvim: $600,000 – Mitchashvim empowers social mobility and equal opportunities of at-risk youth. They are providing computers for children who lack access for remote learning. 

Dror Israel: $500,000 – Dror Israel supports the education needs of communities on the social and economic periphery. They have established temporary schools in four hotels in Eilat helping kindergarten, middle, and high school students with educational support, teachers, tents, equipment, and informal activities for teens. 

Branco Weiss: $250,000 – Branco Weiss is an educational organization that works for social change by establishing the connection between the difficult life circumstance of young people living in the geographical and social periphery in Israel.

We have allocated funds to several municipalities to replenish supplies, equipment, and security gear in the wake of the Hamas attack and in the anticipation of the next wave from the north. In total 850 shelters have been restored and we are helping to restore an additional 400 shelters in buildings and complexes in older and poorer neighborhoods. Allocations include:

Osim Shechunah: $400,000 – Osim Schechuna is a social and Zionist movement dedicated to the physical and social revitalization of distressed neighborhoods in Israel. 

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, in partnership with the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) – Collective Allocations

As of November 9th, $175,295,191 is on the ground in Israel.  

Here are the ways your funds are helping.

We are helping support survivors and families whose loved ones have been brutally murdered, injured, or kidnapped by Hamas. Victims received personalized trauma care and emergency grants and will continue to receive rehabilitative support for years to come. A total of 4,620 victims have received emergency grants.

Jewish Agency for Israel: $2,000,000 The Jewish Agency, a longtime, core Federation partner, supports immigrants in Israel, ensures global Jewish safety, strengthens Jewish identity, and connects Jews to Israel and one another. 

Families and individuals directly impacted by the war, including frail elderly, homebound individuals, and soldiers have been given food, clean water, and lifesaving medications. A total of 238,000 hot meals have been served in at-risk communities and over 480,000 food packages delivered. We are additionally providing wellbeing support, bereavement counseling, and funds to help bury loved ones.

Brothers and Sisters for Israel: $300,000 – Brothers and Sisters for Israel is the largest aid organization in Israel and is mobilizing critical resources for families displaced by the war. 

Leket: $500,000 Leket Israel is the leading food rescue organization in Israel.  

LATET: $480,000 Latet (“To Give”) is a leading non-profit combating poverty and food insecurity across Israel. 

Additional allocations have been made to Association for the Wellbeing of Israeli Soldiers, Early Starters International, Eshel Chabad, Paamonim, Hostages and Missing Families Forum, The Jerusalem Civilian Command Center, Mitchashvim/2B.Friendly, Pitchon-Lev, The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), SAHI-Special Hesed Unit, Sapir College, Schechter Institute, Tzohar Rabbincal Organization, and Machon Shitim

Individuals and families living in the direct line of fire have been safely evacuated and given temporary housing, increased security, culturally sensitive social services support, and childcare. Over 2,000 kits for entertaining children have been distributed to shelters and evacuee hotels. 

Block grants to NGOs in impacted areas of Ashkelon, Eshkol, Hof Ashkelon, Merchavim, Netivot, Ofakim, Shaar HaNegev, Sdot Negev, and Sderot: $7,250,000 

Jewish Agency for Israel: $1,960,000  

Israel Association of Community Centers (IACC): $750,000 IACC builds strong and sustainable local communities across Israel through the operation of 1,000 community centers. 

Osim Shechuna: $400,000 – Osim Schechuna is a social and Zionist movement dedicated to the physical and social revitalization of distressed neighborhoods in Israel. 

Brothers and Sisters for Israel: $1,200,000 

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC): $900,000 

Additional allocations have been made to Appleseeds, Birthright Israel, World ORT, Masorti Movement, Dror Israel, Givat Havvia – The Center for a Shared Society, Hashomer Hatzair and Tzedek Centers, Hotam, Jaffa Institute, Ma’ase Center, Maccabi World Union, Ohr Torah Stone, Sheatufim/Zionism 2000 

Victims of terror, first responders, Lone Soldiers (soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces with no family in Israel), people who have been injured and families whose relatives were murdered or kidnapped are receiving ongoing trauma care. Trauma experts have answered over 30,000 calls to the emotional support hotline, provided thousands of victims with emotional first aid interventions, and nearly 2,000 first responders received trauma therapy. 

Community Stress Prevention Centre (CSPC) – Mashabim: $400,000 – CSPC is the oldest organization in Israel that deals with the treatment and prevention of trauma

Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC): $2,600,000 ITC is the cornerstone in the national treatment of trauma and emergency preparedness in Israel. ITC operates 12 resiliency centers, mostly near the Gaza border, using a unique model that provides a seamless response along the continuum between emergency preparedness, emergency, and recovery. 

NATAL: $250,000 – NATAL is a trauma relief organization in Israel.  

Sapir College: $500,000 

Additional allocations have been made to Abarbanel Mental Health Center, Ad’ar, Beer Sheva Mental Health Center, Counseling Center for Women, Geha Mental Health Center, Lev Hasharon Mental Health Center, Maale Carmel Mental Health Center, Mazor Mental Health Center, Merchavim Mental Health Center, Shaar Menashe Health Center, Shalvata Mental Health Center, The Jerusalem Center for Mental Health, The Masorti Movement, World ORT, Nefesh B’Nefesh, The Israel Association for Child Protection (ELI), Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ). 

The most vulnerable Israelis including young children, the elderly, people with diverse disabilities, marginalized populations (the ultra-Orthodox and Bedouin communities), and caregivers are receiving the specialized assistance to help cope with the devastating loss, pain, and suffering. Food and hygiene boxes were distributed to nearly 2,000 Holocaust survivors.   

Jewish Agency for Israel: $1,750,000 

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, (JDC): $2,150,000 

Yanabia: $400,000 – Yanabia was established to help the Negev Bedouins become the growth engine of the Negev and to take their rightful place in Israeli society.   

Additional allocations have been made to Access Israel, Al-Baqour, ASSAF/Physicians for Human Rights Israel, ELEM/Youth in Distress in Israel, LGBTQ+ united appeal (Jerusalem Open House), Ethiopian National Project, Regional Council for Unrecognized Arab Villages in the Negev, Foundation for the Welfare of Holocaust Survivors, Jordan River Village, Nirim, Orr Shalom, Beit Issie Shapiro, Israel Trauma Coalition, Shalva, Tel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center, Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism, AJEEC-NISPED, Tene Briut 

Frontline hospitals and medical aid organizations are receiving vital medical supplies, equipment, and support to bolster their capacity to treat those experiencing critical injuries threatening life or limbs. 22 tons of medical supplies and humanitarian aid used for emergency medical care. 

Allocations have been made to nearly 40 hospitals, medical centers, and emergency medical organizations including ADI Negev Rehabilitation Hospital, Assuta Hospital, Barzilai Medical Center, Soroka Medical Center, Assuta Hospital, Bnai Zion Hospital, Galilee Medical Center, Hadassah Medical Organization, Herzog Hospital, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. Ichilov Hospital Sourasky Medical Center, Italian Hospital Haifa, Kaplan Hospital Rehovot, Laniado Hospital, Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital, Mayanei HaYeshua Medical Center, Natan, Nazareth Hospital, Poriya Tzafon Medical Center, Rabin Medical Center, Rambam Medical Center, Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital, Schneider Children’s Medical Center, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Shamir Medical Center (Asaf Harofeh), Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer, St. Vincent’s Hospital, TOM – Tikkun Olam Makers, Wolfson Medical Center, Yad Sarah, Yoseftal Hospital, Ziv Medical Center, Emek Medical Center Afula, Magen David Adom, United Hatzalah: ZAKA, Emergency Volunteer Project. 

Organizations have been provided with support to strengthen coordination and emergency response efforts.   

Allocations have been made to Emergency Volunteers Program, The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), Jewish Agency for Israel, Jewish Funders Network / Forum of Foundations, Shinua Hevrati, The Masorti Movement, Yad Sarah. 

Israelis are uniting to care for one another during this crisis. Volunteer organizations are being supported in their mission to aid evacuees, special populations, frontline communities, and others responding to the crisis. Nearly 110,000 volunteers mobilized to fulfill medical and food insecurity needs in Israel

Amindadav: $150,000: Amindadav supports army-age religious women by placing them in volunteer positions throughout Israel.

The Israeli Volunteering Council: $200,000 The Israeli Volunteering Council promotes volunteering in cooperation with government ministries, local authorities, NGOs, and the business sector in Israel and around the world.