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Planned Giving


Contact Betsy Berger today at BBerger@JewishLA.org or 323-761-8216.

Our legal name and tax ID # is:

The Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles (The Federation) 95-1643388


When you give, your legacy lives on — through every vulnerable Jew we care for, every family we nurture, every young adult we inspire, and every Jewish institution we keep safe. Please consider creating a legacy of caring and generosity by including your contribution to The Jewish Federation in your estate plans. It will be a gift that lasts forever to ensure a thriving Jewish future.


To ensure your legacy, add language to your will or living trust designating your contribution to the Federation, and share the following language with your estate attorney or financial planner as needed:

“I hereby give [_____ percent (___%) of my estate /or/________ dollars ($____) /or/ the residue of my estate] to The Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles (The Federation, EIN: 95-1643388).”

Bud Hellman

My father was not a religious man, but he cared very deeply about the Jewish people and our culture. His legacy gift to The Jewish Federation stands as a testament to his lifetime of helping those less fortunate, and represents his feeling that Jews need to take care of other Jews, because who else will?

– Vicky Myers-Kaseff, daughter of Bud Hellman


Endowments are one of the many ways to ensure the spirit of your generosity lives on. When you leave a gift to The Federation as an endowment, we invest the interest your gift accrues back into the Jewish community. What makes this gift so meaningful is its permanence – endowments started today will help Jews in need for hundreds of years to come.

Ellen Silverman

My family has a history of strong and philanthropic women. My grandmothers both had pushkes. On a mission to Israel, my mother and I became Lions of Judah on the same day. Now, I am passing on the tradition to my daughters by endowing my Lion of Judah gift. I decided to leave a legacy gift with the Federation, solidifying and honoring our family’s passion and strength by caring for and supporting our Jewish community for generations to come.

Sylvia Weisz Women’s Philanthropy

The women of Sylvia Weisz Women’s Philanthropy are committed to and connected by Jewish values. Our female philanthropists have the exclusive opportunity to endow their gift to the Lion of Judah Endowment Fund.

Centennial Endowment Fund

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of The Jewish Federation in 2013 we launched our Centennial Endowment Fund. These gifts of $1 million or more ensure our community is in good hands for the next 100 years and beyond.

Other Ways to Give

Retirement plan assets passed on to your heirs are subject to taxes that most other assets are not. Naming The Jewish Federation as a beneficiary of your qualified retirement plan can have potential money saving tax benefits while passing on your values to the next generation. Please contact your personal financial advisor to find out if any of these benefits apply to you.

You’ve been thoughtful enough to set up your own Donor Advised Fund (or personal foundation). Now what? When creating or reviewing your succession plan, please consider selecting the option to add a legacy gift or create an endowed fund to benefit the Federation. Your donor-advised charitable fund is considered a “legacy-ready asset.” It’s easy to create a lasting impact on the community you support now.

You can also easily create your Jewish legacy by donating a life insurance policy that you no longer find useful, or purchasing a new one with Jewish Federation Los Angeles as both owner and beneficiary. These policies, with premiums often paid to the Federation over as little as five to seven years, can potentially provide tax benefits as well as a strong show of support for our community. Contact your insurance professional to discuss your options. For a list of referrals, call us at 323-761-8216, or e-mail BBerger@JewishLA.org.

Sustaining Judaism for centuries to come will take a conscious effort from all of us. Our Federation is a proud partner in the Jewish Future Pledge, a worldwide movement inspiring Jews of all backgrounds to commit that at least half of the funds left for charity at their passing are earmarked to support the Jewish people and/or the State of Israel.

Heidi & Jon Monkarsh

“The Talmud teaches, ‘As my ancestors planted for us, so do we plant for those who will come after us.’ Our parents and grandparents raised us in loving Jewish homes. It is now up to us to instill the joys and values of living Jewishly in our children and grandchildren. Giving back and helping build a strong Jewish community are among our top priorities. Creating a legacy endowment to the Federation ensures that the community we have worked so hard to grow will continue to be strengthened, celebrated, and enjoyed by our children, grandchildren, and generations to come.”


Legacy givers are invited to join our Jewish Federation Legacy Society. When you sign a Letter of Intent or otherwise share your plans with us, you will also receive membership to our Legacy Society. Members will be recognized for their generous contributions through events and more throughout the year.

Please note the Letter of Intent is a morally, not legally, binding document. It informs us that you intend to create a legacy with the Federation at some point in time. You are not obligated to specify an amount.

Formal documentation of your generous legacy plans is much appreciated. Your support of our Federation from your estate, in any amount, is meaningful and greatly valued. Letting us know you’ve taken the generous step of remembering The Jewish Federation in your will is always up to you, but we’d love to be able to show our gratitude and keep you updated on our work.


Whatever your financial capabilities, every gift makes a difference. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to be wealthy to leave a legacy gift. Because a legacy gift is most frequently a deferred gift, it often makes it possible to leave much larger gifts than otherwise feasible. You can leave as much or as little as you want – there is no gift too small to make an impact on future generations. It only takes a few minutes to leave a gift in your trust or will to The Jewish Federation, but it creates a legacy that lives on forever.