Campus Impact Network


Federation’s Campus Impact Network creates a more positive environment for Jewish students and the entire student body. In a setting where information is colored by headlines, it is critical that all voices be heard in ways that are constructive and collegial. To that end, we have a network of resources that empower students as they navigate this new experience. For more information about how to prepare your college student, download this parent toolkit.

Through our Campus Impact Network, we help student leaders learn how to build coalitions on campus and advocate for their causes. We offer all students who want to become agents of change ways to focus on how relationships help create social justice -on campus and in the world.  We provide those students who want to participate in student government with ways to get involved.


Parent Tool Kit

Write an introductory letter or email you can send to the President/Chancellor of the school your child attends. By sending this letter you can establish a connection and credibility with the school’s administration in a proactive way.

How to best respond if your child experiences any harassment, discrimination, or anti-Semitism on campus.

College students can find out more information about the Campus Impact Network here.


Jonathan Grunin
(323) 761-8281