CSI has been privileged to leverage its collective experience serving the Jewish community over many years to identify gaps and develop concepts that lead to innovative solutions for your security needs.

Project Safe Classroom

After reviewing government and law enforcement research on the active shooters phenomenon and identifying security and lockdown shortfalls in our classrooms, Project Safe Classroom was born. Project Safe Classroom empowers educators with the tools and training to keep their students safe during an attack.

We distribute purpose-built lockdown bags and provide necessary training on the methodology and effective use of the bags. Each Project Safe Classroom delivery entails a full hour of onsite training for all educators and administrative staff. Each Project Safe Classroom kit includes carefully researched and tested equipment designed to mitigate the impact of an active shooter incident and effectively help lock down a school classroom. From locks and tools to much-needed first aid and emergency medical equipment, every item has been carefully selected for this special program.


Shabbos Link

In 2016, CSI launched “Shabbos Link,” an expanded communications capability of the One Voice System using a unique pager system to address the needs of our Shomer Shabbos community. The system is reserved only for those emergencies that can result in a loss of life. Shabbos link pagers are currently installed in 50 synagogues around Los Angeles and are supported by the Rabbinical Council of California, Chabad, and other organizations.

Construction Consultations

CSI also offers expert construction consultations before, during, and after new construction or retrofitting made at your facility. CSI helps you avoid the pitfalls of failing to consider your security needs throughout your construction project. CSI can guide you, your institution’s board, and your project team through the process of ensuring your security considerations are built into the construction plans before breaking ground. To date, CSI has consulted on almost every major Jewish nonprofit construction project over the past 7 years!