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What It Means To Be A Lion

Our Federation’s Lions of Judah is an incredible group of strong, philanthropic, generous and dedicated women. These women are committed to helping us make this world a better place and supporting the impactful work of our Federation. The upcoming International Lion of Judah Conference presents an opportunity for us to highlight some of these Lions.

Ronna Elbaz became a Lion this year and is attending the International Lion of Judah Conference for the first time this month! We sat down with Ronna to learn about what inspired her to become a Lion and what she looks forward to at the Conference.

How are you involved with the Federation?
“I have been involved with The Jewish Federation Valley Alliance for almost ten years. I officially became a Lion of Judah this year in 2016, and I’m very proud of it! Before that, I was a Pomegranate and wore my Pom pin proudly. Now I am very excited to be a Lion of Judah and represent all that it stands for in the Jewish community.”

What inspired you to become a Lion?
“I was inspired to become a Lion after visiting Budapest and Israel in late 2015 on my very first Women’s Mission with the Federation. I remember going to Israel and finally seeing for myself what it means to be a Federation supporter. We met with so many people working directly with clients who are being helped and supported by the Federation. After hearing their stories, I realized that their work was made possible only with the Federation’s support. I had always known we did great work and had always heard from the different organizations and agencies we partner with, but it wasn’t until I was there and heard from them firsthand that it really struck me. I was overcome by the breadth of the Federation’s impact — on so many people in so many places around the world.”

Are you attending the Conference in September?
“I am attending the ILOJ Conference this month for the very first time. I am very excited — I don’t know what to expect, but I know it will be fascinating!”

What impact has being a Lion had on your life?
“As a mother to a young son, I am proud to support The Jewish Federation. I believe I am setting a good example for him by being actively philanthropic. Supporting the Jewish community is very important to our family, and, as a Lion of Judah, I know my gift makes a difference. It’s about being a part of something that touches the whole world — because if we don’t take care of it, who will?”

Lion of Judah recognizes all women who make a gift to Jewish Federation Los Angeles’ Annual Campaign in their own name of $5,000 or more. As part of an international organization that connects us to Lions around the world, all Lions can proudly wear a striking gold or platinum pin, highlighted with diamonds or rubies, marking their increased commitment to the work of our Federation.

To find out how to become a Lion, please contact: (818) 668-2340 or (323) 761-8275.

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