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Honor Your Mom or Special Friend with a Meaningful Gift

I am lucky to be my mother’s daughter. My mother, Herta Amir, is my best friend, teacher, and mentor. She is strong, wise, brilliant, and outspoken.

My mother’s love and common sense guide me in all that I do. She taught me — and continues to teach me — to live a life of purpose and action. She upholds the value of Jewish communal responsibility. I am privileged to be our Federation’s General Campaign Chair. I am proud to give to our Federation because we take the value of achrayut — responsibility — seriously and effectively. Together, in honor of all of our mothers and other special women in our lives, let us reaffirm our responsibility for Jewish Los Angeles with a meaningful gift to The Jewish Federation.




After making your gift, you can take your tribute one step further! Share a heartfelt video message on social media, using our #CareLikeAJewishMother hashtag and tagging your mom/special friend, and nominate a friend or family member to join you. It’s easy and fun with these simple steps.

I am honored to follow in my mother’s footsteps, and I hope you will follow in mine by making a gift to our Federation today.

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day and good health always,

Orna Wolens
General Campaign Chair

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