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This Passover, Use Your Voice for Israel & Honor the Hostages

Your Voice Matters — Advocate Now

As Passover approaches and we prepare to celebrate our ancestor’s freedom from slavery, we recognize that our people’s freedom is so desperately lacking at this moment. Our tradition reminds us that the Jewish experience is one of resilience and action to overcome hardships. We call on you to join JFEDLA by using your voice to help Israel in this critical moment and urge your elected leaders to:

  • Do all they can to bring home the hostages held in Gaza.
  • Vote for bipartisan legislation that advances a supplemental aid package to provide $14.1 billion in crucial support to Israel, including funding for essential defense systems like the Iron Dome, Davids Sling, and Arrow-3.
  • Increase funding for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program to protect communities from antisemitic violence.

Honor the Hostages in Gaza at Your Seder

On Passover, we are instructed to retell the story of the Exodus as if we had personally come out of Egypt. This year, it’s not difficult to imagine bondage, suffering, and yearning for freedom. We are living in this pain, here and now.

As we celebrate redemption and freedom, we must remember those held hostage by terrorists in Gaza. Be sure to access JFEDLA’s Haggadah resources on how you can honor the hostages at your upcoming Seder.

Together, we can find strength in our unity and in the knowledge that at Seders around the world, Jews everywhere are honoring our extended family in captivity.

As we declare “next year In Jerusalem,” we are mindful and hopeful that next year we will all be together, free, in Jerusalem.

With prayers for peace, wishing you a meaningful Passover.

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