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Federation Impact Update — September 2023


Our Federation understands how difficult it is to make ends meet in Los Angeles, where the cost of living can be daunting. Many people in our community are at risk of falling through the financial cracks. We are here for them. Jon reached out to the Federation for help while he was undergoing treatment for cancer. His short-term disability benefits had recently expired. It was impossible for Jon to pay rent solely on his Social Security income. With the help of MFFFFAN, Jon received the rent assistance he needed; a social worker we connected him to also put his name on affordable housing waitlists to give him a longterm plan. The social worker guided Jon through the process of applying for and receiving Medi-Cal and in-home support services. All of this has greatly improved Jon’s quality of life as he continues receiving medical treatment.


Our Federation is committed to supporting Jews with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). There are many people in the IDD community who struggle to receive the care and resources they need. Donna is a single mother with a daughter, Becky, who is part of the IDD community. Due to her daughter’s challenges, Donna must be available for Becky’s doctors’ appointments. Because of this, Donna can only work part time. Donna and Becky were living in an affordable guest house, but when the owner was forced to sell the home, Donna was given 6 weeks to find new housing. She called the Federation, and we connected her to a social worker who helped access vital benefits for Becky. Donna’s limited income made her eligible to join a short list for housing for people who have a disability. The social worker also assisted Donna in applying for respite care. The family just received word that they are approved for an apartment and will be moving in shortly. MFFFFAN is helping with the first month’s rent and deposit, something Donna could not afford on her own.


Many Jews in our community are one setback away from losing the roof over their heads. We are here to help them. Kari is a single mother with three kids who came to California following a very difficult divorce. After her apartment flooded due to old plumbing, she and her kids needed to move immediately. Kari found a suitable place. But the security deposit, moving costs, and replacement of items damaged in the flood would put Kari deeply into the red. She and her family had already spent a week in a motel at this point and were unsure what the future would hold. Kari called the Federation and was connected to a social worker. MFFFFAN gave Kari funds she used for the move. The social worker helped Kari access CalFresh benefits for her family. The social worker also connected Kari with an attorney from our Ezra Network (a collaboration with our partners Jewish Family Service LA, Bet Tzedek Legal Services, and JVS SoCal) to help her receive compensation for her losses in the flood. These collective efforts helped Kari and her children avoid becoming unhoused.

Want to learn more about the ways we care for Jews in need? Visit JewishLA.org/CJIN.